Karl Agathon

Karl Agathon "Helo"

Tahmoh Penikett

As the husband of the Cylon Sharon and the father of the first human-Cylon baby, Hera, pilot Karl Agathon (callsign "Helo") knows what it's like to be on the periphery of the Galactica's community. The days when his fellow officers publicly ostracized him for loving a "toaster" are over, but his colleagues are still sometimes disconcerted by his compassion not only for Cylons but also for marginalized humans within the fleet. He once sabotaged a plan to unleash a genocidal virus against the Cylons and has also defied the Galactica's leadership on behalf of persecuted Sagittaron refugees. Despite — or perhaps because of — this, Admiral Adama trusts Helo, assigning him to various critical leadership positions.

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