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The Woman King
Season 3 - Episode 314
The Woman King

Assigned to supervise a burgeoning civilian refugee camp housed on the Galactica's starboard hangar deck, Capt. Karl Agathon faces a restive population, including many Sagittarons. Considered insular and backward by their fellow Colonial citizens, the Sagittarons are used to discrimination-- and to fighting back. Worse, the civilian doctor overseeing the refugees, Dr. Mike Robert, diagnoses a number of the Sagittarons with Mellorak sickness. The disease is curable if it's treated within 48 hours. Untreated, it's fatal-- and the Sagittarons don't believe in medical care.

To Agathon's frustration, the sickness spreads and refugees start dying, all because the Sagittarons refuse treatment. Then a distraught Sagittaron mother, Mrs. King, tells Agathon that her grown son died even after she allowed Dr. Robert to treat him. Mrs. King believes that Robert murdered her son.

As Agathon ponders the woman's claim, he grows increasingly sympathetic to the Sagittarons' plight-- and thus increasingly alienated from his own comrades. Soon, another sick Sagittaron dies after being treated-- against his will-- by Robert. A riot erupts in the hangar bay as angry, frightened refugees insist that Robert is murdering them out of ethnic hatred.

After breaking up the fight, Agathon takes the Sagittarons' case directly to Colonel Tigh and Admiral Adama. He denounces Robert as a disruptive man and, possibly, a killer. Adama rejects those allegations. Tigh, who came to trust Robert in the resistance movement on New Caprica, then pursues Agathon into the corridor and accuses him of always taking the wrong side in any fight. Agathon, disgusted, strikes his superior officer.

Soon afterward, his daughter Hera falls ill, and Robert cures her successfully. At this, even Agathon's wife Sharon suspects that her husband is overreacting to the Sagittarons' paranoia.

Agathon, however, can't put Mrs. King out of his mind. He secretly inspects Robert's medical files and discovers evidence that, on New Caprica, the doctor discriminated against certain groups: higher percentages of Picons and Sagittarons died under his care than did Capricans. Doc Cottle catches Agathon with the files and dismisses his concerns, even after Agathon begs him to perform an autopsy to see how Mrs. King's son really died.

Stonewalled, Agathon returns to his quarters. In the middle of the night, however, Mrs. King awakens him. She has come to tell him that Lt. Dualla, herself a Sagittaron by birth, is sick-- after being treated by Dr. Robert. With his friend's life now on the line, Agathon must take drastic action to stop the doctor-- even if it means the end of his own career.

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special guest stars
BRUCE DAVISON as Dr. Roberts

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