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A Day in the Life
Season 3 - Episode 315
A Day in the Life

On the forty-ninth day since the Cylons were last seen, the fleet awakens to a quiet morning.  Tyrol volunteers himself and Cally to do maintenance on a damaged airlock, disregarding Cally's plan to spend the day with their infant son, Nicholas.  As they work, Cally and Tyrol argue about how to balance the demands of their jobs and family.  Then, suddenly, the airlock's systems sense a pressure change caused by a small leak into space.  The doors automatically slam shut, locking Cally and Tyrol in.  To escape, they must repair the leak-- if they can.

Today is also the anniversary of Admiral Adama's wedding to Carol Anne, Lee and Zak's mother.  Though he and his wife loved each other, their marriage failed long ago.  Haunted by these memories, Adama struggles to focus on his duties for the day.  Most important, President Roslin asks him to assign Lee to supervise a committee of lawyers devising an unprecedented trial for Gaius Baltar.

Adama finds Lee berating his pilots for careless flying-- a lecture borrowed verbatim from Adama.  Afterward, Lee tells his father that he's too busy to take on Roslin's assignment.  He admits, however, that before the military took over his life, he once wanted to be a lawyer like his grandfather, Joseph.  Surprised, Adama is forced to consider how little he knows about his son-- and how easy it is for personal and familial dreams to die beneath the demands of duty.

Both men are called to their duties moments later when the leak threatening Tyrol and Cally defies repair and starts to expand.  With the locked chamber now hemorrhaging atmosphere, the young parents have less than half an hour before suffocation, depressurization, and hypothermia combine to kill them.

Lee, Starbuck and Athena quickly fly a Raptor outside of the ship to the airlock doors.  Inside, Adama watches gravely from an observation window as Tyrol and Cally, facing death, renew their commitment to their marriage and son.  Then Adama orders the outer doors blasted open.  Tyrol and Cally are vented into space, retrieved by the waiting Raptor, and rushed to sickbay.

As Tyrol and Cally cling to life, Lee is debriefed by his father.  Adama, who has spent the day meditating on his broken family, is in an unusually open mood.  As father and son talk, secrets buried by time and silence arise.  This conversation will either widen the rift between the only surviving members of the Adama family-- or help to heal it.

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special guest stars
LUCINDA JENNEY as Carol Anne Adama

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