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The Oath
Season 4 - Episode 415
The Oath

True to the prediction of Felix Gaeta, "one day soon, a reckoning is going to come," mutiny among the fleet begins. Under the direction of Tom Zarek and his conspirator Gaeta, people begin to rebel against the rule of Adama. The two men have gained unlikely followers with pilots such as Diana Seelix who aids in the capture of Sam Anders. He is beaten and led to the brig with the other Cylons and their cohorts, all of who are the pinnacle of Gaeta and Zarek's hatred.

Without so much as a second thought, Felix has Tom released from prison and returned to Colonial One, where he greets a surprised Lee Adama. Confused, Lee attempts to reach his father and question him about Tom's release, yet Gaeta intercedes on all incoming calls to the CIC, causing Lee to take matters into his own hands.

When he arrives on the hanger deck of the Galactica, Lee gets an unlikely greeting from Racetrack, Skulls and Connor who are prepared to kill him in the name of revolution. Yet, the omniscient renegade Starbuck shows up right on time to save his life. Unarming the disloyal pilots, Starbuck and Lee set out to stop Zarek and Gaeta's unconstrained quest for Cylon-- and uncooperative human blood.

One by one, each of the Cylons is lead to the brig, unknowing of what their fate will be. Caprica 6 surmises that the humans will need them alive to be used as bargaining chips against the rebel Cylons-- yet Athena and the rest aren't comforted by her reasoning.

Meanwhile, a full-on war aboard Galactica has ensued, with marines, civilians and pilots alike all prepared to fight against Adama, in support of Gaeta and Zarek's coup. Stopping at nothing, Gaeta goes full force with his plan and has marine guards arrest Adama and Saul Tigh. He then orders the Admiral to be removed from the ship and charged with treason.

Fearless, even in the face of death, Roslin reassumes her role as President and seeks an unlikely ally in Gauis Balar, who begrudgingly lends his wireless communication to her. She attempts to send a warning message to the fleets about Gaeta's overthrow of the government, yet the ship is beyond the point of reasoning.

Saul Tigh and Adama manage to escape the hold of Gaeta's marines. They then usher the President safely aboard a raptor, headed far away from the calamity aboard the ship.

And rather than fleeing with her, both Saul Tigh and the Admiral hold true to their oaths. As soldiers, they stay behind with their men, prepared to fight, even if it means the loss of their own lives ... .

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