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Blood on the Scales
Season 4 - Episode 416
Blood on the Scales

Stunned by the near fatal explosion, Saul Tigh and the Admiral are captured once again. Adama is lead before Tom and Felix to be persecuted for his alleged treason. Both mutineers feign justice by announcing that Adama will be given a trial and that Romo Lampkin will represent him. Unshaken by his impending fate, Adama declines the right to an attorney and affirms that he'd rather die than grovel at the feet of either man.

Meanwhile, aboard the fleeing raptor, Roslin and the Number 8 Cylon evade the attack of one of Gaeta's pilots, by landing on the deck of the Cylon baseship. Once aboard, the President's mission is to use the baseship's defenses against the Galactica. Yet the Cylons want nothing to do with the war and plan to instead jump away from the line of fire. Almost impossible to convince, Roslin realizes that although she was able to flee the battle aboard Galactica, she may have stepped into the realm of another.

Also facing opposition-- Tom Zarek lashes out at the resistance of the Quorum of 12. When they don't immediately support his order to have Adama killed, Zarek commands their deaths-- deeming it as his only choice. Daring anyone to stand in his way, Zarek proceeds with his plans to have Adama killed.

Once Gaeta sees Zarek's plight is nothing more than a corrupt self-vested quest, he is unable to turn back-- realizing that the reckoning is imminently near. Acting against any sense of loyalities that he may still have, Gaeta proceeds to have the order for Adama's death carried out.

Falsely alerted that the Admiral had been killed, Roslin acts on blind-faith, using vengeance as her leader. Convincing the Cylons to fire against the Galactica she fearless and prepared for battle. Though her devices would never have to be used.

The Admiral, a renegade aboard his own ship, flees his pending death, with help from Lee, Kara, Galen and others fighting against the mutiny that has taken over the fleet. And while Adama is able to regain control and the President safely returns to Galactica, no celebration is in order. Bloodshed to even the scales was imminent as the reckoning saw its arrival, leading Zarek and Gaeta to be sentenced to death.

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