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No Exit
Season 4 - Episode 417
No Exit

To gain an understanding of the future, members of the Final Five and Kara Thrace listen intently to Sam Anders's revelations about the past. With a bullet lodged in his brain, he unlocks memories about Earth that occurred thousands of years ago. These realizations contain vivid details about the creation of both the Human and Cylon races.

He reveals that the Final Five all worked in the same research facility and that Galen and Tory were madly in love and planning on getting married. Ellen and Saul were also a couple, married on Earth as they were aboard Galactica. But most shocking is Anders's claim that the Cylons didn't invent resurrection. He explains that organic memory came from Kobol and the 13 tribes. To resurrect, they formerly used a ship that orbited around Earth and once it was destroyed they worked night and day to rebuild it. While Gaylen seemed to have made impressive strides in its rebuilt, it was  Ellen who made the intuitive leap that brought the system back on line.

And so it begins. Eighteen months earlier, Ellen Tigh is resurrected aboard the Cylon baseship after being poisoned on New Caprica by Saul for conspiring with the Cylons, unbeknownst to him that both he and she are members of that very race. It seems that Caval has been awaiting Ellen's return to the baseship yet he is less than happy to see her. She refers to him as John and we learn that he was named after her father and created in his image. But he feels resentment and not gratitude towards her, his creator, for making him in the visage of a human being, with weaknesses, limitations and flaws.

Presently, aboard Galactica, Tyrol and the Admiral are assessing the multitude of damages aboard the ship.  Knowing that he needs assistance with the Galactica's repair, the Admiral pushes aside Cylon prejudices aside and reinstates Galen as the ship's Chief. Later, he will have to concede even further when obliging to use a Cylon resin to prepare the ship-- his last hope in saving their home.

A mend in relationships continues as we see President Roslin and Lee Adama on Colonial One grieving the loss of the Quorum of Twelve. Roslin concedes that though she will keep the formal title of President, she'd like to have Lee assist her in leading the fleet.

And though the insight to the future that Anders's condition provided is key to the remaining Final Five, his condition poises a threat to his own life. They find that the location of the bullet has caused a seizure and another could be lethal. At a crossroads, as his wife Kara makes the gut wrenching decision to remove the bullet from his brain, even though it may mean the loss of his foresight to speak and warn against events to come.

Concurrently faced with her own dilemma of loyalty to Caval and the others and her feelings of personal choice, Boomer makes a brash decision and helps Ellen escape the sinister plans that Cavil and the Simons have in store for her.

Ultimately, while glimpses of the future have been revealed and more pieces of the puzzle are now aligned, the grander picture for the future still remains to be seen.

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