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Season 4 - Episode 418

Humans and Cylons have begun working together to repair the Galactica using Cylon resin. But Ellen Tigh's unexpected return causes a rift in the current unity of both races. Saul, transfixed by Ellen, fails to mention that he and Caprica Six are expecting a baby together-- the new life that's believed to be the future of the entire Cylon race.

And in order to maintain this future, the surviving Cylons, who are living aboard the Galactica, gather at Sam Anders's bedside with a proposition for Saul and Ellen to all return back to the Cylon baseship together. During this meeting, Saul and Caprica Six's secret of pending parenthood is revealed and Ellen is heartbroken, enraged and confused. Yet, having no regard for Saul and Ellen's lover's quarrel, the others push her to move past her emotions and make a decision. Her vote will be the deciding factor for whether or not they will all return home to the Baseship together or continue to leave aboard the Galactica, as circumstantial citizens, estranged from the other Cylons.

Meanwhile another homecoming ensues when Gaius returns to his cult of followers. And in order to keep their complete trust and adoration, Gaius ensures them that it was God, and not he who abandoned them. Yet his rhetoric falls on deaf ears of one of his former followers, Paula, who has now assumed the position of power amongst the group and suggests that he and his teachings are a farce.

Knowing that he must halt the possible damage of Paula's claims, Gaius seeks to regain control over his flock. After meeting a hungry woman Naia, and her son, Gaius, in the trading post, Baltar gets the idea to begin rationing off food to the hungry civilians hoping to regain the peoples respect and love. But his self-vested plan backfires when the Sons of Ares show up and rob them of their supplies. Leaving the group uncertain of whether Gaius is a reliable leader, and Baltar grasping to find a way back to the top of his throne.

In a quest to maintain her own power, a scorned Ellen votes to go back to the baseship, knowing that Saul would risk being separated from Caprica Six and his pending son, Liam. Angered that she cannot win his compliance, Ellen affirms to Caprica Six that the one Saul truly loves is Bill Adama. Then amidst the calamity, Caprica Six, stunned that Saul would choose the fleet over her, is crippled with pain in her stomach and is rushed to Doc Cottle.

Remorseful, Ellen and Saul gather together at Caprica's beside, but it's too late and Caprica has a miscarriage. The hope for what the Cylons thought would be their future is lost and the certainty for tomorrow aboard Galactica, the baseship and beyond remains to be unknown.

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