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Daybreak, Part 1
Season 4 - Episode 421
Daybreak, Part 1

We're transported back to Caprica City, to get a glimpse of what the lives of fleet members were like, before the Cylon attack. Bill Adama is in his office discussing whether or not he's going to command the battlestar one last time before his retirement. We then see a newly acquainted Caprica 6 and Gaius Baltar in his limousine before he gets a disturbing call about his father. A happy, healthy, Laura Roslin is in her apartment with her two little sisters, after a baby shower. And a giddy Kara Thrace is at her and Zak Adama's apartment, cooking dinner for his brother Lee, whom she is meeting for the first time.

Just as she was happily celebrating the pending birth of her sister's child, Laura gets an unexpected visit from the police, informing her that her father and two sisters were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Gaius Baltar arrives at his father's house to see an unnerved nurse who is quitting because Gaius' dad stabbed her with a steak knife. In a fit of rage and embarrassment Gaius insults his father, calling him an obnoxious gimp. When Caprica 6 tries to reprimand Gaius he instructs her to leave—affirming that the matter is none of her business.

After learning about the death of her family, Laura leaves her apartment, in a state of shock, in her pajamas and goes to a public park. She walks into a fountain and stands under the sprinkler, letting the water wash over her as she sobs, while spectators at the park look on in wonder.

In present day, a cancer ravaged Roslin is in sickbay while Doc Cottle watches over her. Meanwhile a reluctant Lee Adama gives the orders for Galactica to be stripped for its parts. Bill Adama packs up his belongings in preparation for their transport to his new quarters aboard the Cylon baseship. In an attempt to take advantage of the ship's low moral, Paula tries to convince Gaius that the Galatica's current fall could lead to their group's political uprising. Yet when Gaius asks Lee about gaining political leverage, he is met with fierce resistance.

A bitter Galen Tyrol is visited by Helo in the brig. While Helo is optimistic about finding Hera and leading a life "happily ever after", Galen has become emotionless and states that the 8's and any of the other Cylons are nothing more than machines that cannot be trusted.  Aboard the Cylon baseship, Cavil is insensitive to Hera's longing for her mother. He instructs Simon to prep Hera for the pending prodding that he will inflict upon her. He believes that she holds the key to their existence and he intends to find out what it is.

The Admiral joins Kara Thrace in the chamber where Sam Anders is being held. He asks her to plug him back in so that he can ask him a question. When she does, he mentally reverts back to his life in Caprica City where he's giving an interview in his team locker room and expresses that it isn't the game or the winning he cares about so much, but rather tapping into perfection as an athlete and perfection as a person that matter most of all to him. When his conscious shifts back to present day, he is still muttering seemingly random statements that are entangled with details about Kara Thrace and his words and memories of his life in Caprica City.

The Admiral and Kara Thrace make a call for volunteers to assist with the search mission for Hera. They mark a divisional line in the flight deck with red tape and instruct those who are willing to join this last fight to cross over it. Lee Adama is the first and others soon follow suit, including a withered Laura Roslin who has come down from sickbay to show her support.

Having received information from Sam Anders about the whereabouts of Hera, the dedicated crew of Galactica prepare for their final battle.

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