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Season 2 finale! It's the final showdown with Aleister, and at least three characters don't make it through.

A familiar face returns, the wolves face a game-changing threat ... and one of the Pack dies.

As Savannah's initiation ritual begins, Aleister possesses Clay.

An old villain returns, a secret past is revealed and Elena learns she’s probably going to die. Yep, good times.

Aleister begins his lethal ritual, where a huge secret is revealed and Elena must face her worst fears.

Dr. Bauer wolfs out as Aleister's true agenda is revealed.

A kidnapped Elena comes in contact with Savannah but must face a woman who brings a new meaning to the term "mad scientist."

When the werewolves and witches team up to confront Aleister, someone ends up kidnapped and someone ends up dead.

As Clay's origins are revealed, the true agenda of the witches comes to light.

Rachel is missing, evil wolf Malcolm is on the loose and the Pack has a week to find him or Jeremy loses his Alpha status. And that's when the witches attack.