Bitten Episodes


As Elena fights to save her Pack, one event propels the world of Bitten in a whole new direction.

Elena faces the most intense battle of her life in the final showdown with Roman.

While Elena and Clay have the tables turned on them, not everyone survives the latest assault by Roman.

Elena proposes an unholy alliance while Rachel and Nick battle Roman's Pack to save her son.

Elena and Clay face off against a deadly new threat while a secret about Rachel changes the playing field.

Elena learns more about her past while Jeremy makes a bold move to protect the Pack.

Jeremy attempts to reconcile the blood feud between Roman and Sasha while Alexei complicates things with his first transformation.

As a showdown with Roman approaches, Jeremy must decide Elena's fate with the Pack.

As Elena questions the veracity of her new 'family,' a new threat emerges which could destroy the Pack.

Jeremy extends dominance over the wolves in his territory while Elena's world is turned upside down.