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In Brad Tonkin's war torn future, Kellog sends him back in time as an insurance policy to neutralize the newly created timeline when Alec jumped back in time. Brad is given the time beacon as a Hail Mary for his Hail Mary (and one way) trip back in time.

The episode opens three months prior, when Warren and the Freelancers spirited away Curtis Chen’s body after he was killed by Kiera’s service weapon. His reanimation is revealed to be the work of a mysterious ancient man known only as The Traveler.

John Doe starts to regain his memory; he remembers shooting and killing Kiera. Terrified by these disturbing memories, he flees her apartment.

Now that Other Alec has extracted the CMR unit from Other Kiera's dead body, he immediately uses it to help advance the development of Halo. With her cloned DNA, he is able to complete Halo almost fifteen years ahead of schedule.

In the future, Kiera waits in a back-alley "citizenship extraction" facility. The doctor performing the procedures suddenly wakes up in a hospital in present-day Vancouver, confused and upset with no memory of who he is. The only name he remembers is "Kiera Cameron."

In the future, Kiera accompanies a team of Protectors sent to break up a political demonstration. When they arrive, the speaker asserts that it's just a citizen's committee meeting. Kiera is shocked to see her own mother there and begs her to leave while she still can.

After Kiera exposes Curtis's betrayal to Catherine and the rest of the Freelancers, he's locked up in a holding cell. As Catherine contemplates his fate, Curtis calls out to Kiera, accusing her of sleepwalking through her entire life. He tells her it's time to wake up.

In the future, Kiera contemplates suicide when she falls victim to a terrible chemical weapon attack. Thankfully, a cure arrives just in time. 

In the future, Travis is captured by CPS, seemingly betrayed by the mother of his child and their young daughter.

Carlos appears to be having major PTSD as the memory of dead Other Kiera haunts him; his distrust of both Kiera and even the VPD continues to simmer, threatening to boil over at any moment.