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Pear of Anguish
Season 1 - Episode 13
Pear of Anguish

Everybody's gearing up for the special interactive torture exhibit, and Stef's big part in this is to show people how to apply post-mortem makeup. She learns the basics in a night course, and leaves Steve and Rob to do the research on the latest find, a pear of anguish. Torture expert Mark Donnelly explains how it worked - the metal, pear-shaped instrument would be placed in a human orifice (sometimes heated first) and then expanded using a crank, often cracking bones. Mark values this iron device at a price as high as $8,000 Euros - a huge win for Steve.

Now it's time for the fun stuff - Steve and the boys go to the butcher shop to pick up some bones for their demonstration of how people were killed by having wagon wheels dropped repeatedly on their bones, a part of the interactive exhibit that visitors love to try out themselves. In fact, the whole crowd is really eager to test out the various implements of torture - suffocation by wet rag with your hands and feet bound, thumbscrews, skull screws - so much so that Steve and his team wonder about the sanity of their guests.

Energized from the exhibit, Steve goes to the welding shop that, two years ago, built him one of his most extreme escape rigs ever: The Incinerator. Steve will be chained in place with a metal plank surrounding his face and torso while a hose spitting ignited propane is aimed at his face, giving him about two minutes to get out before he's burned. It's so dangerous that it's taken him two years to convince everyone to let him do it, but the day has finally come. Hours before the big event, Steve and Rob discover a leak in the propane valve, and the flame gets so high that the fire alarm goes off and the fire department rolls up. Steve explains the situation, but Rob won't be appeased. He's got to fix this thing, or risk Steve's life.

That night, under the cover of chilly northern stars, the valve is fixed but is still leaking too much propane. A firefighter stands nearby with an extinguisher, and Steve is strapped in. Seconds pass...then a minute...Rob and Charles stand by, ready to pull him out, and when the time expires, they rush to his aid, but at that instant he manages to free himself, and falls on his back. Rob and Charles are at his side, testing his breathing and sight. They hoist him to his feet and the silent crowd cheers in celebration.

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