Deep South ParanormalHaunted Or Just Gothic?

Haunted Or Just Gothic?

The Palmer Place & Olustee Battlefield

Location #4: The Palmer Place, MacClenny, FL

Original Use: A log cabin built by the Palmer family. The cabin rests on historic Seminole Indian land.

Reports Indicating Hauntings: 

  • The property boasts a morbid history—the double murder of a father and son back in 1924.
  • The family claims  to have experienced full-bodied apparitions, strange noises, disembodied voices, physical attacks, electrical
    problems, moving objects, and doppelganger activity.
  • There was a particularly scary incident where their son—Cameron—appeared to be possessed for a time and almost
    threw his sister off the second floor of the home.

Location #5:  Olustee Battlefield, The backwoods of MacClenny, FL

Original Use: Site of the largest Civil War battle fought in Florida, where the overwhelming majority of the over 3000 casualties were Union soldiers retreating through the swamp.

Reports Indicating Hauntings:
  • Disembodied voices of soldiers are heard.
  • People report sensing a presence near them.


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