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Got Them Lady In Black Blues
Season 1 - Episode 3
Got Them Lady In Black Blues

Before the boys (and Kali) head to the abandoned cotton gin/factory in Alabama that's this week's assignment, Hart brings Randy and Benny on a frog hunt. The other two (reasonably) assume that it's for the purpose of dining, but no- Hart means to suck out the frog's breath, then blow it into glass vials, for later use against the presence of evil spirits. Randy is (again, reasonably) skeptical…

…but it might come in handy in Prattville, AL, where an abandoned factory is set to get turned into condos. The locals almost all have stories about paranormal contact on the site, which is a vast broken-down complex of buildings; over some barbecue, the sheriff, a longtime employee of the factory named Tommy, and a handful of locals talk about the most famous legends, including a little boy, Willie Youngblood, who met his demise in an elevator shaft, and a Lady In Black who's been wigging out security guards (and everyone else) for some years now.

With those two spirits to focus on, the ghost-hunters split up to see what they can find…but the first night's a pretty quiet one. Randy teases Kali about bats (and Hart about getting the Lady In Black's phone number), but doesn't find much except guano despite going down into a spooky basement area and calling the spirits out.

Elsewhere, it's a bit more active with Jon, Keith, and Benny's team; the K2 meter lights up a bunch, and Keith feels something touch his elbow. When Jon asks whether the spirit nearby is the boy who fell down the elevator shaft, it's lights galore.

And then Keith, on the theory that "children can be shy sometimes," heads off on his own to try to talk to Willie. This "talk" gets kind of intense when cracks and bangs are heard leading Keith to believe that Willie is throwing things at him. Nearby, Hart and Randy see a chain swinging when there's no breeze. Creepy, creepy.

But there's still nothing conclusive, so the next day, it's time to pick the town mayor's brain for a possible connection between the boy and the Lady In Black. Sure enough, the mayor suggests that the Lady In Black is the mother of Willie Youngblood, and that she may have thrown herself in the nearby creek, distraught over her son's death.

Oblivious to these updates, Benny is challenging Randy to a rib-eating contest. The loser has to inhale Hart's frog's breath; Benny ups his chances of winning by dousing Randy's plate in hot sauce when he isn't looking. Sure enough, Randy suffers a nauseating (in more ways than one) defeat.

Randy recovers in time to get with the team's plan for Night two, though. Hart will use a summoning doll (sort of like voodoo) to call out Mrs. Youngblood from a boat on the water, while the others take up positions on either side of the mill's dam to try to spot her (or her son). Fifty workers at the same time have seen the Lady In Black walk across the water and vanish, Jon says, so he's confident they can see her if she appears.

So, Hart mixes up a doll potion involving Spanish moss, some sort of oil, "and a few ingredients I'd rather not mention if you know what I mean," so now of course we're dying to know what he means. Blood? Manure? That perfume Debbie Gibson came out with back in the day?

Whatever it is, it sets a creepy mood as he and Randy set off down-creek in a boat, with the doll on a mirror surrounded by candles. As they hang other dolls in the low-hanging branches -- weirdly reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project's little stick dolls -- Jon, Keith, and Benny try again to lure Willie out. Willie himself isn't near -- but something is, and it's willing to share that it knew Willie, and that he died there. Everyone hears footsteps up above, but the cams don't see anything.

Hart is feeling a lot, though; he's in tears on the boat, relaying that Willie's mother "misses her son hard." Randy is taken aback, as he's never seen Hart get so emotional before…so taken aback, in fact, that he lets the boat drift awfully close to the dam and wigs out the rest of the team.

That's nothing compared to what wigs Keith out, though. Watching the top of the dam, he starts hollering that he thinks he sees her. It takes a second, but sure enough, the IR camera shows a diaphanous blob moving across the dam bridge.

Jon and the others can't wait to review their evidence around the campfire with the mayor and Tommy. A lot of their evidence is really shivery and convincing -- not just the possible shade of the Lady In Black, but a ghostly child's voice picked up on the EVP recorder that seems to be saying "Mama." Jon admits they can't know for sure if it's the Youngbloods, but Randy says there's definitely spirit activity on the site. Do the developers need to worry? No, Randy says. It's not evil spirits, "just lost souls."

And with a few wise words about the strength of the maternal bond, Keith sings us out.

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