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The return of a familiar face turns Amanda's world upside down while Stahma forms a dangerous new alliance.

Nolan and Irisa attempt to stop the evil Rahm Tak while Defiance cradles two traitors in its midst: Datak and Stahma.

In a special two-hour episode, it's seven months later and Defiance is a very different place: new villains, new aliens and at least one game-changing, jaw-dropping moment.


Irisa is enemy number one with the fate of Defiance and the entire world hanging in the balance.

Nolan races to stop Irisa before her deadly plan can take effect, while Amanda realizes who really killed her sister.

Amanda is forced to play Detective, while Rafe’s long-missing wife returns to town (played by Linda Hamilton).

Nolan and Rafe must race against the clock to save Amanda and Pottinger from a mine collapse.

Kenya’s return to Defiance causes shockwaves (especially for Stahma), while Doc Yewll harbors a dangerous secret.

Nolan must stop a terrorist from destroying New York, but his biggest obstacle may be….Amanda?

Irisa discovers more clues to her destiny, while Datak is framed for a bizarre murder and must turn to an unlikely source for help.