Defiance Episodes


Season Three Finale! The final showdown with Kindzi is not without startling consequences.

As Stahma attempts to save her family from Kindzi, Nolan must race against the clock to stop a full-scale Omec invasion.

Kindzi begins a reign of terror that results in one character's kidnapping and another's death.

While Nolan struggles with his demons, peace in Defiance is threatened by the person you'd least expect.

A straight-up monster attacks Defiance, and Doc Yewll may be the only one who can stop it.

As Defiance goes to war, the final fate of Datak Tarr is revealed.

The fate of Defiance lies with a resistant Irisa and a dangerous arms dealer (Ian Ziering) who shares a past with one familiar face.

Alak's return backs Stahma and Datak into a corner while Rahm's siege against Defiance takes a disturbing turn.

Nolan and Irisa reveal truths to each other that could destroy their bond while Datak's jealousy could cost Defiance everything.

The return of a familiar face turns Amanda's world upside down while Stahma forms a dangerous new alliance.