Destination TruthCreatures

In this economy it's a story that's all too familiar; a city is built upon a single industry, the business goes bust and the place turns into a ghost town. And a ghost town is exactly what the Japanese coal-mining city of Haboro has become, in more ways than one. On the remote northern Japanese island of Hokkoido, thousands of people died working in deplorable conditions at Haboro.

In the 40 years since the mine has closed, countless reports of mysterious lights, unexplained noises and ghostly apparitions have left the residents of the neighboring town convinced that Haboro is haunted by he ghosts of the miners who died there. Many of those who worked at Haboro met gruesome ends— asphyxiated or buried alive. Many of the miners were slave laborers; Korean prisoners of war who were literally worked to death. Investigating Haboro would be a major challenge. The weather on Hokkoido island is inhospitably cold and the site would be hard to reach on snowy, mountain roads. Furthermore the forgotten town's decaying buildings teeter on the verge of collapse.

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