Destination TruthCreatures

Separated from the African continent by hundreds of miles of ocean, Madagascar is an untouched and seldom explored paradise. Its isolation has given rise to some of the weirdest forms of flora and fauna on the planet and the culture is steeped in taboo and magic.

There is a potent belief here in a miniscule creature with long hair, sharp fingernails, and a strength that is far greater then his small size would suggest. Spotted in various regions of Madagascar, the Kalanoro is said to live in the mangroves eating crabs and honey, and is thought to deceive hunters with the help of his backwards feet, making him impossible to track. Locals regularly report run ins with this pint-sized jungle demon and he has been blamed for attacks in remote villages. Recently, a terrified jungle guide reported seeing "a little man, less than a meter tall, with hair all over his body and long fingernails."

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