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The moa was a massive, flightless bird that stood 12 feet tall and weighed more than 500 pounds. These fast-footed creatures once ran free in New Zealand's pristine forests and are believed by many to have been hunted to extinction in the 1400's by the Maori people. Despite the fact that scientists have given up on the Moa, reports have been filed consistently for decades that a small population of these immense animals may still be hiding on New Zealand's South Island. To make matters even more interesting, the reports indicate that the creature may have evolved into a fierce and elusive predator, with several hunters claiming to have been attacked. The story caught our attention recently, when a flurry of sightings took place in deep South Westland, an untouched and rugged wilderness. Here, in seldom explored forests, intrepid locals have produced footprint and photographic evidence to support their claims that a monstrous bird is hiding from the modern world.

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