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Bigfoot and Nahuelito
Season 1 - Episode 104
Bigfoot and Nahuelito
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Malaysia: Bigfoot

Awash in reports of alleged sightings of a Malaysian Bigfoot, Josh and his crew head to Southeast Asia to learn more about this cousin of the American Sasquatch. Since most of the sightings have occurred in or around Endau Rompin National Park on the Malaysian peninsula, Josh decides to focus his investigation there.

First, Josh visits briefly with a biodiversity researcher who claims to have interviewed dozens of eyewitnesses, most of whom were educated urbanites. Then it's on to Endau Rompin, where Josh meets with several eccentric witnesses before heading upriver, into the park's interior.

Once the crew reaches the location of the most recent sighting, Josh starts spotting curious depressions in the ground, and he notices that many low-hanging branches have been snapped. He comes across a huge print that clearly shows five toes, and he makes an impression of the print for later study.

As darkness falls, the boat guides take leave of the jungle from fear, promising to return in the morning. The crew sets up the surveillance cameras, and Josh treks deeper into the jungle in search of more evidence.

As Josh surveys the jungle with a laser thermometer, one of the cameras moves violently, and the crew runs frantically to see what knocked it. They detect something momentarily with the thermometer, and then they record what sounds like a distant growl. Josh decides to return to the United States and have the growl recording and footprint cast analyzed.

Before he can leave the country, news of Josh's footprint cast gets out, and he finds himself facing an unexpected media frenzy. Malaysian authorities require that he make a copy of the footprint cast and leave the original with them. Once back in the United States, Josh's findings stump both a zoo curator and a Bigfoot expert, leading him to believe that something unusual lives in Endau Rompin.


Argentina: Nahuelito

Josh's next stop is Argentina, where the sea-serpentlike Nahuelito has been attracting Loch Ness-level attention due to numerous reported sightings. The crew heads directly to Buenos Aires, where a cinematographer, Fabian, claims to have caught the creature on film. The video turns out to be less than convincing, fueling Josh's resolve to get a closer look at the Nahuelito.

The crew heads to Nahuel Huapi Lake, thought to be the home of the Nahuelito. At 2,000 feet deep and nearly 3,000 square miles, it's the perfect spot for a giant aquatic serpent to hide. There Josh meets with a journalist who claims to have seen the beast swimming, and who points Josh to a local Nahuelito expert named Antonio, whose most notable quirk is a disturbing obsession with his own image.

Antonio tells Josh about an island in the middle of the lake where the Germans conducted nuclear experiments in the 1940s, leading many of the locals to believe that the Nahuelito was the result of nuclear waste dumped into the lake. Naturally, Josh makes a visit to the island, which is littered with dilapidated structures left behind by the Germans.

Josh heads out to the middle of the lake for some night viewing, but the lake is too cloudy to collect any useful evidence. The next morning, he meets with Roger Whewell, a geologist who believes that what people are seeing are ripples created by small seismic disturbances underwater. That explanation makes a lot more sense to Josh than believing a giant monster lives in the lake.

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