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El Lobizon and El Pombero
Season 1 - Episode 106
El Lobizon and El Pombero
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Argentina: El Lobizon


Having read news reports of a creature similar to a werewolf in Argentina, Josh heads to Buenos Aires to investigate El Lobizon. Like the werewolf, El Lobizon is a human who transmogrifies during a full moon, but it takes the form of a ferocious dog instead of a wolf. The transformation reputedly can happen only to the seventh son in a family with all male children.

The beast has been spotted all over the country, with the most recent sightings concentrated around San Ignacio. Before heading north, Josh meets with author and El Lobizon expert Ramon Farias, who says the legend began with Europe's conquest of the Americas. In a separate interview, zoologist Fernando Peralta suggests to Josh that El Lobizon is actually a small lupine animal.

In San Ignacio, Josh meets with two witnesses who claim to have had run-ins with El Lobizon. But these are just the warm-up for a visit with Carlos, who, despite not being a seventh son, claims to be El Lobizon. Carlos demonstrates his transformation into the beast, in broad daylight — a performance Josh describes as better "worthy of dinner theater."

Josh then visits a priest who has performed hundreds of seventh-son baptisms. He points Josh toward a few of his subjects. The priest also directs Josh to a man who possesses DNA evidence, in the form of a blood-caked rope allegedly used to lasso the creature and hold it while beating it with a large stick. Josh negotiates to buy the rope for 50 pesos, and then sends it back to the United States for analysis.

With the full moon approaching, Josh is introduced to a boy, Omar, who's a seventh son and a pariah for not being baptized. Omar agrees to be monitored, providing a perfect opportunity for overnight surveillance. The crew sets up its night-vision cameras to keep Omar under observation while Josh surveys the surroundings.

After several hours, a canine creature passes in front of one of the cameras, and then darts into some nearby bushes. The crew notices that Omar is not in the chair. While Josh searches the bushes, Omar returns and seems a bit cranky. Eventually, Josh decides they've gotten all the evidence they can, and they pack up and head to Corri Entes to investigate sightings of another creature.

Argentina: El Pombero

Josh begins the search for a hairy, pygmylike being known as El Pombero, which is said to possess unusual powers, such as turning invisible or impregnating women simply by touching their belly. He soon finds himself on the Guarani Indian reservation, the site of many alleged encounters. A witness points Josh to an abandoned house that presents an ideal setting for an overnight investigation.

With cameras in place; a listening device positioned to record any faint noises; and a traditional El Pombero offering of rum, honey and cigarettes on the doorstep, Josh surveys the area with a Bullard thermal imager for any temperature fluctuations. He and the crew start whistling in an attempt to draw El Pombero out of the woods.

Something groans faintly in the distance, and one of the crew reports movement in nearby bushes, but their searches come up empty. Just before sunrise, Josh decides they'll have to settle for the audio recording of the groan, and he and the crew head back to the United States.

Michael Dee, curator of the Los Angeles Zoo, tells Josh the recorded groan might be a flying insect, leading Josh to conclude that El Pombero is little more than a way to get people to stop whistling and to explain missing liquor, honey and cigarettes. Meanwhile, Dee says the El Lobizon footage looks to be a large wolf, but DNA results on the rope registered as 100-percent human, leaving Josh with many questions about what he saw that night….

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