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Issie and Icelandic Elves
Season 2 - Episode 212
Issie and Icelandic Elves
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Lake Ikeda, Japan: Issie

Said to inhabit the depths of Lake Ikeda, Issie is Japan's answer to Nessie. Legends of a mythical creature in the lake have been swirling for centuries. In 1978 a tourist snapped a series of photos that made Issie headline news. While scanning the lake in the aftermath of an initial sighting, he quickly took a series of photographs. One of the photos seems to show two humps with spinal ridges.

Nearby Ibusuki deployed its tourism department, which offered a reward of 100,000 yen to anyone who could produce a photo of Issie. The tourist's single shot of Issie impressed officials enough that they awarded the tourist prize.Since then, reports of Issie have been common, and a recent surge in eyewitness testimonials indicates that Nessie's cousin may finally be ready for a close-up.

Iceland: Elves

Icelandic elves may be petite; they may be mild; and they may be myths, but they are a valued constituency. Government officials have rerouted a road in order to avoid disturbing rock believed to shelter elves. Polls indicate that most local residents won't rule out their existence. Children have reported encounters with the wee race, but so have some adults.

According to Birgir Gudmundsson, an engineer with the Iceland Road Authority, there are people who can actually negotiate with them. A medium who has talked to the elves told road crews that the creatures moved near the stone and asked the authorities to be casual about it all so that the elves' community isn't harmed.

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