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King Tut's Curse/Swamp Ape
Season 3 - Episode 303
King Tut's Curse/Swamp Ape
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Egypt: King Tut's Curse

The Mission: Josh and the team make history as the first team to ever conduct an overnight investigation of King Tut's allegedly cursed tomb. Whenever the tomb is disturbed violent sand storms ensue and people are plagued by sudden sickness. In other words, the King isn't too social these days. Yet they trek across foreign waters to Egypt anyway, where they first head to the Egyptian Museum to obtain more background knowledge on the country and the curses that are said to lie within it.

The Adventure: To begin the investigation the crew travels by felucca to the Valley of the Kings—the resting place of King Tut. They encounter the tomb of a prince who was a member of the Egyptian army and when using the thermal imaging camera Josh believes he sees a silhouette move in front of him. Hyped from the sighting the team heads to work. But no sooner than they begin to set up their equipment a sand storm blows in causing the team to retreat and cover their devices before it's severely damaged.

At this point, most folks would probably take the hint, and head south of the Valley but Josh and the team welcome the challenge. Upon entering the tomb of King Tutankhamun they notice that the electromagnetic field (EMF) detector receives a reading that's 30 times higher than the normal level near the sarcophagus where Tut was originally buried. Yet, before they can inspect the sarcophagus any further, Bischa is overcome by sharp stomach pains and is unable to continue with the investigation.

While the rest of the team is still in good health they begin their isolation sessions in the tomb. Josh goes first and is padlocked inside. As he sits alone, in the dark on this historical overnight mission he boldly asks, "Is there anyone in here?" Just then something stirs in the chamber in front of him and the cameras at base camp begin to fade in and out but he's able to make it through the session. Mike goes in next for an EVP session. He also hears unidentified noises coming from the other side of the tomb but his experience doesn't stop there. Before he can continue with the session he begins to have an asthma attack and the team has to rush to his rescue just in time.

The Findings: It seems that King Tut's made his point so the team packs up and heads back to the United States. Once there, Josh and Mike analyze the audio captured during their research at the tomb. Once they punched into the audio they are able to confirm that the sounds Josh heard while in isolation are in fact footsteps. There was also a trap camera mounted in the tomb and all of the photos are clear with the exception of one that has the image of some sort of translucent flame. From this information as well as the personal encounters each of the team members has while in Egypt, Josh believes that King Tut's legacy and his actual spirit seem to be very much alive.

Florida: Swamp Ape

The Mission:For this mission the team heads to the Florida Wetlands to find evidence of the notorious Swamp Ape. The Swamp Ape is allegedly the master of camouflage, towers up to 8 feet in height, has a bad smell and is nicknamed "the skunk ape". Gas masks in tow, the team heads to the Skunk Ape Research Center where they meet with local media members who all claimed to have seen the skunk ape. They give Josh and the crew valuable advice before they begin their search.

The Adventure: The monster is said to live within the Big Cypress National Preserve —nearly 1 million acres of swamps where no roads exist. Yeah, this shouldn't be a tough case at all … As darkness falls they find a dry area to set up base camp. The crew sets up four infrared cameras around the perimeters as well as four digital trap cameras around the swamp's interior. They also place bait of raw meat in front of the digital still cameras to lure the beast. As Josh and Jael are setting up the last camera they hear loud splashing sound in the water in front or them. Nearby Bischa and Mike also hear something moving around in the waters. Since swamp apes are land animals they figure it must be another predator. The crew has to be careful because there are snacks, alligators and panthers lurking.

While Jael and Josh survey the swamps Sharra, Rex and Bischa hold down the fort at base camp. Within minutes, they spot a panther on one of the cameras and send warning to Josh and Jael. Later on, Bischa sees a streak go across one of the cameras and then the device is knocked down. When they go to find out what happened to the camera they notice that the bait is gone. Could it be the work of the skunk ape or just some other hungry monster lurking within the swamps? They'll have to do the final analysis to find out.

The Findings: When Josh and the team return to L.A., Joes goes to see a zoo curator to help process the evidence. The curator believes that the animal that knocks the camera over was a black bear, white tail dear or a panther. Since there's no history of large apes living in North America, scientifically the theory of the "skunk ape" is unlikely and what eyewitnesses could be seeing is probably a bear or other game. Still the countless eyewitness reports suggest the story of the Florida swamp ape may have more chapters to come and be far from over.


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