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Ghosts of Chernobyl/Sal'awa
Season 3 - Episode 304
Ghosts of Chernobyl/Sal'awa
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Ukraine: Ghosts of Chernobyl

The Mission: Twenty-three years after the worst nuclear disaster in the world Josh and the team brave the desolate site of Chernobyl. On April 26, 1986 more than 300,000 people were evacuated by the Soviets as a result of a power plant disaster. Hundreds died from radiation contamination and to date many people from neighboring towns have been diagnosed with cancer, most probably caused by the high amounts of radiation in the area. Chernobyl, located in Pripyat, Ukraine, has been abandoned for nearly a quarter of a century but witnesses believe that the spirits of those who died in the tragic accident still roam the town. Bravely, Josh and the team head to Europe to find out.

The Adventure: Once in the Ukraine they must pass through a series of checkpoints and face being refused admittance or deported from the area by the soldiers. After being interrogated the crew arrives to the site of the iconic tower of Reactive Site 4. To protect themselves from exposure, the team gears up in radioactive protection suits. Then Josh and Jael head into the abandoned hospital to do a thermal sweep of the area. They also use a Geiger counter and a Dulcometer; two devices that are used to detect radioactivity. Once inside, both investigators are startled to see a human figure show up on the thermal imaging camera. Throughout their analysis of the building, Josh continues to spot multiple figures moving in the seemingly abandoned hospital.

Later on Rex, Josh, Mike and Jael head out to conduct EVP work while Sharra manages the cameras at Base Camp. While walking around the abandoned lots in the area, the crew notices weird lights coming from the windows of the school building and they quickly go to investigate. Once inside the EMF detector spikes to its highest point and without warning a Josh spots a huge black shadow behind Jael. Since that room receives the highest activity, the teams posts their for an EVP session. Josh begins asking: "Are we alone in this room?" "Do you want us out?" and Jael gets an answer. Something grabs hold of her hand and suddenly the Dulcometer begins to sound causing the team to have to flee for fear of exposure to the radiation.

The Findings: Back in the States Josh gets assistance from Ghost Hunters Jason and Grant who are experts in analysis. After surveying all of the evidence Josh and his team found during their time at Chernobyl both Jason and Grant believe that the images captured appear to be paranormal.

Egypt: Sal'awa

The Mission: In the remote Egyptian village of Armant the Sal'awa has allegedly preying upon the locals for years. Sal'awa, Arabic for "scary wolf", has been described as a vicious beast that roams the sugar can fields at night. There have been documented cases of people being hurt, so going into the mission Josh and the team know that they're dealing with a real animal— one that has never been photographed before.

The Adventure: The crew travels for 17 hours to Cairo Egypt, drives 200 miles along the Nile River and then crosses the ancient city of Luxor before arriving in Armant. When they arrive, Josh speaks to natives about their experiences with the Sal'awa and many warn him that the animal is extremely dangerous and should be pursued with caution. Point taken.

The team waits until nightfall and then sets up base camp on the edge of the sugar cane fields. They set up four infrared cameras along the perimeters of the field and four digital trap cameras deeper into the field with raw meat as bait in front of the. Jael and Josh head in first to do a thermal sweep of the area. They encounter animal waste and a fresh paw print in the mud that appears to be from a K9. They bag the waste for later analysis and make a cast of the paw print to take back to Los Angeles. As Josh is making the mold of the print, Jael goes to see if she can find more evidence of the Sal'awa. Yet just as soon as she begins surveying the area she hears a growling noise come from the stalks near her and she takes off running to where Josh is.

At the same time Sharra, at base camp, hears loud and unexplainable noises coming from the cane fields behind her. While surveying the area, Gabe notices that there's something big running across the field and all of the investigators hear loud howling noises from their respective locations. Figuring that they'll need to chase whatever's inside of the cane fields out into the open, Josh calls all hands on deck for a group sweep of the area. They all start out on a parallel course through the fields and although it's a solid plan, the Sal'awa doesn't take the bait so easily. After hearing little more than grumbling and movements in the fields, never makes a visual of the animal.

The Findings: Back in the U.S. Josh takes the footprint cast to a mammalogist who confirms that it does belong to an animal in the K9 family. Then he meets with a curator to review the audio and video captured during the mission. The curator believes that some of the sounds could be from a donkey or a camel but when he hears the growl he believes that it could be from a large dog of some sort. Later, the curator and Josh review the video files and notice that one of the trap cameras caught images of an Egyptian fox. Upon further examination they notice that the Egyptian fox looks very similar to the descriptions made by locals— except considerably smaller than its vicious folklore. There you have it, the "scary wolf" is nothing more than a tiny fox. Who would have thought? And so, it seems that the hype of the Sal'awa has only gained potency through word of mouth and not its actuality.


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