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Alien Mummies/Van Lake Monster
Season 3 - Episode 305
Alien Mummies/Van Lake Monster
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Chile: Alien Mummies

The Mission: Sixty percent of Americans believe in extra terrestrial life forms and one fourth of the general population thinks that aliens have visited the planet. Spurred by this information and a recent influx of reports made by Chilean locals about aliens, Josh and the team embark upon their first ET investigation.

The Adventure: They first arrive in Lima, Peru where Josh gets an aerial view of several hundred shapes and patterns that have been carved into the desert's face. Natives believe these cryptic symbols are used to communicate with beings from above. One shape in particular bares an uncanny resemblance to ET and is called "The Ancient Astronaut". Back on land, Josh and the team speak to locals about the mysterious alien sightings they've made. Info in tow, the team gears up for the mission.

The team descends into the dangerous mines and quickly realizes they'll have to be careful. There are the toxic inert gases that can potentially rise from the ground, ceiling rocks can fall on their heads— oh and creepy little green men might be lurking and waiting to suck their brains out through their ears. You know, the usual stuff. With this in mind Sharra, Bisha and Rex stay behind at base camp to man the cameras while Jael, Evan and Josh set out to investigate.

When trying to navigate through the extreme darkness of the tunnel, Evan falls into a shallow area of the ground and the team makes a grizzly discovery. They find what appears to be the tiny (no larger than 18 inches) decomposed body of a figure that looks humanoid. To make things creepier, the skull has also been detached making it difficult for them to decipher what species the remains belong too.

Later on, while Jael and Rex head back to base camp with the remains, a rock comes flying at them from the dark abyss of a tunnel ahead of them. *Note to self: Alien's DON'T like un-announced houseguests. Good to know. As Jael and Rex are playing dodge ball with an unknown figure, Josh, Gabe and Mike search for an easier exit for the team and their load of equipment. When they find an exit, they're met with the shocking sight of a strange glow, too large to be a star in the sky. Then, the parabolic dish, that's not plugged in, begins to make extremely loud machine-like noises. Seems like somebody wants to phone home— right now!

The Findings: When the team arrives back to the United States Josh heads to the mammalogist to review photos of the remains found in the mines. The mammalogist deduces that the figure is not a bird because the feet proportions aren't similar to that of a human or any kind of primate. But he can't out much else. Having stumped the mammalogist, Josh enlists the help of a zoo curator. Yet unfortunately, he isn't able to decipher what species the figure belongs to either.

In the end, Josh realizes that the Chilean mission left the group with more questions than answers. What species did the remains belong to? How can they explain the rock being thrown at Rex and Jael or the strange sounds they heard and sights the team saw dancing above the mine. As they wait for more info on this investigation, they'll just have to label it as indescribable.

Turkey: Van Lake Monster

The Mission: A man made international news with his personal footage of an unidentified animal that appeared to be over 40 feet long, floating in Turkish waters. Locals in the city of Van, a far eastern Turkish location, also claimed to have seen the mysterious beast. The story of the Lake Monster has became such a hot topic of discussion that they've built a statue of the monster and formed their own search teams to look for it. Not wanting to miss out on the excitement, Josh and the crew trek 17 hours to join the mission.

The Adventure: When the team arrives, Josh speaks with local journalists and boat captains who shared frightening tales of their encounters with the monster and everyone seems to come to the same consensus. It's big and it's scary. But luckily, the Destination Truth team is up for the challenge. The government is so convinced that the monster is real that they loan Josh the use of a state of the art helicopter to look for the monster from an aerial view. While Josh goes above and beyond (cheesy pun intended) to search for the monster, the team scans the water from the north and south banks. Aside from a slight spotting Jael makes, the Van Lake monster is pretty camera shy, so the crew takes advantage of the last hours of daylight to embark on an underwater investigation.

They endure the icy waters for as long as they can but with such poor visibility below, the only way they'd be sure to encounter the Van Lake monster is if they let it it them. On to plan C… Josh and Jael head to the highest point of the island, to see if they can spot the beast. Meanwhile the rest of the team sets up base camp. But no sooner than they make a sighting, it starts to rain. Then sleet. Then snow. The team can't seem to catch a break on this case! And just when they thought things couldn't get any worse— they kind of do. Josh, Jael and Rex decide to brave the dark waters by boat and something beneath them goes bump, nearly causing them to capsize. Shaken but not deterred, Josh scans the water with this thermal imaging camera and low and behold, a massively long heat signature appears. After a long night of investigating and dealing with unfavorable weather, the team heads home.

The Findings:

While processing the footage in LA, Josh sees an excess of something over 20 feet in length on the thermal imaging camera. But the biologist, Dr. Cooper, isn't so sure that this is evidence of the Van Lake Monster. Dr. Cooper believes that the amateur footage that made national news could be more hoax than horror. His theory is that methane produced by bottle sediments causes bubbles to the surface and whatever was caught on that film was more than likely an object, rather than animal, that had risen to the surface. He also notes that Van Lake is very salty and the only species of fish that grows there only gets up to about eight inches long. Reasonable enough explanations but nothing eight inch fish could bump a boat full of people. So whether it's the Van Lake monster or a ticked off tadpole, something unknown lurks within the waters of Turkey.


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