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The Bhutan Yeti
Season 3 - Episode 309
The Bhutan Yeti
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Bhutan: Yeti

The Mission: In the season finale, Josh and the team travel to the kingdom of Bhutan, one of the world's most isolated nations. There, they hope to track down the Yeti monster, human in stature and beast-like in behavior. After a laborious trip from Los Angeles the team finally arrives in the land of peace and love. They speak to locals and quickly learn that the Bhutanese believe in the creature so fiercely they've created a Yeti Conservation Center in the southern city of Sakteng. One woman had bones passed on to her as an heirloom, which she believes are skeleton remains from a Yeti. So, Josh takes photographs that will be analyzed when the group returns to the States.

The Adventure: After a long hike, team truth reaches Sakteng and sets up base camp. Mike, Evan and Josh head upstream to do an outlining sweep with the thermal imager while Bicha, Jael and Gabe explore the perimeters closest to their campsite. Josh's team spots something on the thermal imager and hears a large animal moving about in the thicket ahead of them, but the noises lead to a dead end.

Meanwhile Jael, Bicha and Gabe encounter what sounds like a big cat. They then find hair on a tree and a large claw mark on a tree trunk. Later on, Josh goes back with Jael, Mike and Evan to examine the claw mark and see if they can catch a glimpse of whatever made it. Luckily, the adventurers are able to get a good hit on the thermal imaging camera and record some audio. After this Josh and co. decide to camp out for the night.

The next day, the team travels farther north into the preserves to investigate the untouched canyons of eastern Bhutan. They set up camp adjacent to the rocky canyons. Then Josh and Jael team up to search through abandoned caves to find traces of the Yeti. Josh takes the high parts and Jael takes the lower areas but neither of them finds any evidence of the creature. While Josh and Jael are searching the caves, Gabe and Bicha survey the area near the water. They hear what sounds like an animal running off, but they are unable to make a visual. Satisfied with the amount of evidence gathered, the crew packs up and heads back to America.

The Findings:

Back in the States, Josh takes the photographs of the bones to mammalogist, Dr. Jim Dines to examine. Dines finds that the bones are far too big to be human, but notices they are extremely similar in size to the vertebrae of an Asian black bear. This evidence discounts the existence of the Yet, but the hair samples found in the woods tell a different story. Josh travels to Texas to meet with a forensic analyst who confirms that the hairs are from an unknown sequence. This leaves Josh to conclude that there may in fact be a Yeti— or something like it, lurking somewhere in Bhutan, waiting to be discovered.

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