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Destination Truth Live Event!
Season 4.5 - Episode 409
Destination Truth Live Event!


In the very first live broadcast of Destination Truth, Josh Gates and his Truth Team set out to find the “Irish angel of death,” better known as the banshee.  Ireland was a fitting location for this Saint Patrick’s Day broadcast—especially since the banshee is so widely feared there—and Duckett’s Grove Castle is said to the largest hotbed of banshee activity in the area.  Leave it to Josh
to jump right into the heart of it.

For this very special investigation, Josh decided to enlist a few helping hands: Allison Scagliotti from Warehouse 13, Jael De Pardo from Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, and Barry FitzGerald and Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters International. With Josh calling in these heavy hitters you can bet he was expecting things to get hairy.

The team was certainly prepared.  With four live feed cameras spread out over five main areas of the massive castle grounds Team Truth (and the viewers at home) were ready for anything.  There was even a red “Banshee Button” on the live feed website so that viewers could help with the investigation if they saw anything odd.

Josh certainly needed the help since the Castle is so massive.  The “haunted” castle sits on twelve acres of land and has thirty rooms but since it hasn’t been inhabited since 1916, many of the floors and walls are in a complete state of disrepair.  As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, banshees are said to cause a death in the family of all who hear it.  Might Josh be endangering everyone with this investigation?

7:00pm - 9:00pm

After splitting up into two sweep teams, Team 1 (Josh, Barry, Ryder and Kyle), head towards the expansive interior of the walled gardens with infrared goggles and cameras in tow.  Perhaps it’s not the best time for Barry to admit he’s heard a banshee not once, but twice before, at least one of those times a death quickly followed.

Meanwhile, Team 2 (Rex, Gabe, and Jael) explore the front yard and are drawn to a massive tree that seems to be entangled in weeds.  Oddly enough this “creepy” tree is giving off EMF spikes—could it be the residue of spirits from the beyond?  Unnerved, Jael recalls that local residents don’t like to even pass by the castle for fear of seeing a ghost, or worse, a banshee.

Continuing the search, Team 1 pushes through a huge rusty gate and enter the lower gardens while Barry attempts to explain what a banshee sounds like.  Josh also notes that there are two types of banshees, friendly and unfriendly.  Suddenly, the sheep outside the castle walls start bleating in a way that might mean they’ve been disturbed by someone … or something.  Since they are too far away to check, Josh radios Rex and asks him to check on the animals.  Team 2 moves in and, in addition to the sheep, they also hear an odd, bird-like squeal! 

Team 1 pushes past yet another old rusty gate and decide to do an EVP session.  Both Barry and Josh ask for the banshee to communicate with them.  Ryder has the smart idea to make the entreaty in another language but none of them know Gaelic.  Just then, they hear a howling noise and almost instantaneously the nearby trap camera goes off, capturing a shadowy but human-looking figure.  They decide to press on but leave the EVP along with an offering of tobacco for the banshee.

As the sounds around Team 2 increase, they decide to radio base camp to request a parabolic dish microphone.  Once the microphone is in place, the team tracks down the ominous noise that startled them and discovers that a bird just crashed into the castle wall.  Did the bird kill itself or was its death caused by the howl Josh just heard?

At their next stop, Team 1 finds a seemingly new hairpin in the grass.  Even though many of the castle’s resident were women, it seems odd to find something so new so many years after the castle was vacated.  As Ryder reaches for it, Barry warns her not to touch it!  Part of the banshee lore is that they often leave hairpins and the like as bait and if you touch them, you’ll be haunted for the rest of your days.

On the lower floors of castle, Josh celebrates Barry’s birthday before he and Ryder look up to see several shadows darting in and out of the upper windows—perhaps a banshee is watching them, even as they look for the banshee.  Encouraged, Josh decides the teams should to do two more EVP sessions before regrouping at base camp and deciding how to tackle the second leg of the investigation.

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Team Truth first went to Rathlin Island, the site of two invasions by foreign intruders where all of the island’s inhabitants were slaughtered.  Josh believes he sees something on the thermal resembling a person out on the waves.  The strong wind and unpredictable waves bring the investigation of Rathlin to an early end.

On returning back to base camp, both field teams regroup and they share some interesting finding.  Kris has analyzed the trap camera images and they find a person-shaped shadow right outside the foyer where they were doing the EVP earlier in the evening.  Chris and Allison both report seeing light activity on the camera in the servants’ quarters.  Chris says he keeps expecting to see Josh’s team come around the corner there, but when he checks Josh’s location, he’s in a completely different area of the grounds.
In the servant’s quarters, Josh and the team hear a heavy, hollow sound like pots banging together.  Unfortunately the sound doesn’t repeat.  Josh tries to slip back into a small, thin tunnel in that area, and on his way out, he’s absolutely convinced someone is behind him.

When hundreds of viewers hit the Banshee Button reporting activity in the tower, things start to get weird.  Viewers are reporting a human figure, and some are reporting lights as well.  Josh takes his team into the tower to investigate, and is shocked when he sees a person moving in a narrow window of the high tower.  Ryder snaps a photo, and it shows a shape in the same window.  Jael is sent to the top of the tower alone for an isolation session. She eventually hears metal clanging from the tower.  Even Josh can hear it on his earpiece.  The closeup camera on the tower shows a shape in one of the windows that cannot be explained. The sounds begin to panic Jael, as he’s convinced someone else is in the tower, even after Josh tells her the entire team is accounted for.  Jael later describes the tower as “terrifying”.

In the final analysis of the evidence accumulated, Barry is certain there’s something going on in that house.  Ryder gets something backing into the tower on a photo.  There is definitely still more analysis to come, are you up for continuing the analysis of the online evidene?

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