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Jungle Temple Ghosts/Namibian Night Stalker
Season 4.5 - Episode 412
Jungle Temple Ghosts/Namibian Night Stalker
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The Case: In Bangkok, Thailand, reports of a giant ghost called the Phret are not unusual but recently, an amateur recording of this phantom climbing Victory Monument in the middle of town has locals in an uproar.  If anyone can find these spirits of the dammed, which only manifest at high altitudes, it’s Josh Gates and Team Truth.

The Adventure: 8,300 miles west of Los Angeles is Bangkok and that’s where Josh starts the investigation.  After the serendipitous discovery of an obsolete cell phone, a bit of sacred amulet shopping, and taking in a Muay Thai boxing match, it’s time for the team to get down to business.  That means talking to the eyewitness who shot the recent video of the Phret.  After a brief interview, Josh decides to attempt a recreation of the incident by using three different types of cameras to film Victory Monument at night.  The next morning, the team heads more than 300 miles north to the Phanom Rung temple, a site dedicated to the Phret.   On their way to set up a good base camp location, however, Ryder takes a nasty spill off of a motorcycle and endures some impromptu medical treatment.  After setting up base camp outside the ancient temple, the team encounters some odd noises, a few flashes of light, and a very scary EVP session.  The worst occurrence, however, is a harrowing physical experience with Rex who seems to have been choked by a Phret!

The Findings: Back in LA, the team analyzes the data with the help of the Ghosthunters International team.  Together, they discount some of the evidence but they can’t decide if the original video that sent them to Bangkok is real or not.  Rex’s strange encounter and Josh’s fleeting thermal image of a fleeing apparition are much more convincing.

Night Stalker

The Case: A recent uptick in animal killings in Namibia has captured the attention of Josh and the crew.  Not only have farmers been losing livestock, but the carcasses have also been completely drained of blood.  Could the blood sucking be the vicious handiwork of the Namibian Night Stalker, a.k.a. the African Chupacabra?  That’s what Josh wants to find out.

The Adventure: With Fact or Faked team member Jael scheduled to meet the team in Namibia, Josh and Team Truth venture 9,600 miles to Windhoek, Namibia.  After a few luggage mishaps and random adventures at an outdoor market, the teams then heads more than 300 miles north to Etosha National Park (once the largest game reserve in the world) where the dangerous Night Stalker was recently seen.  Before they can search for the Night Stalker, however, the team finds a downed giraffe with puncture wounds in the neck.  Nearby, huge animal tracks lead away from the carcass.  Further north, Josh interviews a farmer who claims to have lost several animals to the Night Stalker.  After setting up base camp near an indigenous tribe, Jael finally arrives to help out.  Overnight, there a couple of closes calls, including one with a huge snake and another with the gutted animal carcass of a goat.  Despite their best efforts, the team can’t find the Night Stalker but they do find a Lynx, which they don’t consider a threat.   

The Findings: With the help of Mike Dee (former curator of the LA Zoo) and, of course, Jael, Josh is able to determine that lions took down the giraffe.  Mr. Dee does think that the goat near base camp may have been killed by something else altogether, though.  The similarity in the neck bites certainly begs the question, is what is killing and eating the animals in Namibia?  With no conclusive evidence, Josh is forced to wait and see—as are we.


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