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Nan Madol Ruins/ Moroccan Succubus
Season 4 - Episode 407
Nan Madol Ruins/ Moroccan Succubus
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Nan Madol Ruins

The Case: On the Micronesian island of Pohnpei, there are 1,000 year-old ruins that locals claim are haunted. This area, called Nan Madol, was actually brought to the attention of Destination Truth by an avid viewer who was visiting an area near Nan Madol when the tour guide suddenly refused to go any closer. A little research by the team revealed that there are centuries-old stories about floating lights and moving shadows at the site.

The Adventure: After traveling 6,100 miles from Los Angeles to Guam, Josh and his team hop another short flight to arrive in Pohnpei, the extremely laid back capital of Micronesia. Soon the team is en route, thanks to their most memorable car rental yet. Across town, Josh interviews Fathr Hezel, a Jesuit Priest who is also an expert on the Nan Madol ruins, Edgar Santos, the local head of tourism, and two fishermen who had harrowing experiences. Next, Josh convinces the tribal chief to be allowed into the ruins. After a long journey, the team finally arrives at Nan Madol and sets up base camp to see what the night will bring. The team finds a glowing light, an ominous shadow, and, worse, Josh is suddenly overcome with a strange sickness.

The Findings: Back in Los Angeles, the team analyzes the findings. Josh feels good about the recording of a mysterious voice but wishes they had a bit more of the floating light to analyze. Since their experience mirrors that of other reports, Team Truth concludes that there must be some supernatural power at work in the ruins of Nan Madol.

Moroccan Succubus

The Case:If you're visiting northern Morocco, you just might hear someone talking about Aisha Kandisha, "the devil temptress." Although her name doesn't sound particularly threatening, this beautiful, nocturnal succubus is said to have been luring local men to their death for years. That is, of course, after she drives them mad with lust.

The Adventure: Josh Gates and his team fly 6,000 miles from Los Angeles to Casablanca, Morocco to begin their investigation. After checking something important off of Josh's "bucket list," the team heads 140 miles south to Marrakesh where they interview Mr. Hanaa, a professor, about where to find the elusive Aisha. Wanting to get all the information he can, Gates also finds two eyewitnesses who claim to have seen Aisha in person. From one of these witnesses, Gates learns that Aisha is rumored to live in an abandoned fortress. Once they reach this remote area by using both a hot air balloon and dune buggies, the crew sets up infrared cameras and splits into two teams to explore the fortress. Their eventful evening includes the discovery of bats, owls, the sounds of chains clanging in the distance, and even an avalanche.

The Findings: When the team returns to LA they bring the physical evidence to Jim Dines of the Los Angeles museum of Natural History. Mr. Dines is able to identify most of the evidence, leaving Josh to doubt the existence of Aisha Kandisha.

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