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Vampire Monsters/Island of the Damned
Season 5 - Episode 506
Vampire Monsters/Island of the Damned
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Vampire Monsters

The Case: Since time immemorial, Transylvania has been the home to vampire myths and legend. There are many in the area, however, who believe that true vampires come in the form of a strange but dangerous animal with massive fangs. Could vampires be based on a real but rare animal? 

The Adventure: From Los Angeles, the team journeys 6,600 miles to Bucharest, Romania to begin their journey. After a six-hour train ride, Josh and his team reach the small town of Sighisoara, the birthplace of "Vlad the Impaler," the man who originally inspired the lore of Count Dracula. During a later meeting with a local historian, Josh learns about the pain Vlad inflicted on people who, presumably, broke the law.  The next stop for Josh and company is the city of Brasov, the home of "Dracula's Castle." Here, they interview a woman who says she just saw the strange creature and, after following her directions, they also meet a farmer with a similar story. Satisfied they are on the right track, the team heads deeper into the wilderness and are forced to fight their way past hostile terrain before they find an area suitable for base camp. Overnight, the group breaks up into two teams and finds some interesting things, like a pit filled with skeletal remains and a strange home that seems to have been abandoned in a hurry. After some serious scares, Josh packs it in and heads for home.

The Findings: Back at DT Headquarters, Josh takes the team's findings straight to Jim Dines, a mammalogist and frequent consultant to Destination Truth. Dines quickly identifies the remains of a dog, a cow, and a goat but things get decidedly less mundane when Josh shows him a fang he found during the investigation. The fang, it turns out, belongs to a Cave Bear, which has been extinct for about 27,000 years!  A fascinating find, but certainly not a vampire monster.

Island of the Damned

The Case: In the Baltic Sea near Sweden, there is a small island named Bla Jungfrun. This tiny outcropping was once the place where people who were thought to be witches were executed. Perhaps the haunted souls of the innocent still haunt the area. That would certainly explain all the supernatural phenomena reported on the isle.

The Adventure: The team packs all the appropriate gear and boards a plane headed for Stockholm, Sweden. After a whirlwind tour including a ferry, an astrologist, and an ancient Volvo, the DT Team gets down to serious business by interviewing a local folklorist, who tells them that 300 "witches" were killed on the island in question.  The team then jumps on the road and heads to Oskarshamn, a coastal town situated for easy access to Bla Jungfrun. During the day, Josh splits the group up into two exploration teams and sets out to find more clues by both ATV and kayak. Soon, Josh finds two modern-day witches in a clearing while Ryder finds a photojournalist who claims to have had his own supernatural experience.  As if that wasn't enough, a local city official tells Josh that many people who take stones from the island feel cursed and promptly return them. In fact, Josh takes a stone from the official to return to the island himself. Later, on the uninhabited Bla Jungfrun Island, the team sets up base camp to see what they find. During the night, they encounter disembodied voices, an ancient labyrinth of stones, hovering lights, and a dark shape in the island's lone cabin.

The Findings: At Destination Truth HQ back in LA, they evaluate their findings.  When the team takes into account the various voices, Ryder inexplicable encounter in the cabin, and an ominous voice recorded during an EVP session Josh is convinced that there is definitely supernatural phenomena at Bla Jungfrun.

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