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Hanging Coffins/Kazakh Monster
Season 5 - Episode 507
Hanging Coffins/Kazakh Monster
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Hanging Coffins

The Case: In the Philippines, there is a strange place called Echo Valley.  In this valley, which is located on Luzon Island, the local Igorot tribe claims that coffins containing their dead are haunted. Strange lights, disembodied voices and even violent hallucinations have been reported in the area of these coffins. Sounds like a job for Destination Truth but it'll take some doing—these coffins are hanging from the side of a cliff!

The Adventure: From Los Angeles, Gates and his intrepid team head to the airport where they board a flight for Manila—approximately 7,300 miles away. Once on the ground in the Philippines, the crew gets to work by driving 400 miles north to Sagada—a two day journey. Before starting their interviews, they stop by the local market and test Josh's psychic abilities. After that, the team interviews two locals who tell them about odd experiences in the Echo Valley. Next up is a visit to the Igorot tribe, who greets them with a traditional welcome. Josh asks for permission to visit the valley and the next morning, they set out by car but don't get far before they have to resort to traveling by foot. It takes some doing, but after crossing a treacherous bridge, kayaking some insane rapids and hiking into Echo Valley, the team settles in to set up a base camp. Late that night, Josh and crew explore the area and find some frightening things, like a huge cavern, some abandoned coffins, a strange groan, and a multitude of bats.  As if that wasn't enough, the team also encounters equipment failures and Josh even sees a shadow. When Josh and Richie finally climb all the way up next to the cliff coffins, they get the scare of their life when they both hear the sound of a coffin opening.

The Findings: Back at DT headquarters, there is lots of evidence to explore.  Not only are their strange sounds on the EVP recordings to analyze, but there is also another bit of evidence: a digital photograph that appears to capture a sprit. Given all the strange occurrences, Josh concludes that there is definitely something strange at work in Echo Valley.

Kiyik Adam

The Case: The Kiyik Adam of Kazakhstan is said to be a huge, hulking creature that terrorizes the locals, not unlike the legendary Bigfoot. With a furry hide, bulging muscles and razor sharp claws, just the sight of this beast would be enough to drive many people mad and, since the locals are reporting frequent sightings, it's up to Josh to track the Kiyik Adam down.

The Adventure: Josh and the Team Truth travel 7,000 miles to Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan, to begin their search. Once there, they discover that Kazakhstan is a modern city, despite the way it was lampooned in the movie Borat. Josh's first order of business is interviewing a local doctor who clams he saw the Kiyik Adam while camping. Later, in the market, Josh also finds a farmer who says he saw the Kiyik Adam in person.  Next, the team drives 160 miles east to seek more rural areas and, along the way, discover some fascinating cultural practices. Thankfully, a hunter who claims to have seen the Kiyik Adam very recently, leads them into the mountains by horseback and uses his falcon to help them scout the area.  Since the falcon doesn't sense the Kiyik Adam, Josh uses both an SUV and a fleet of dune buggies to climb deeper into the mountains.  When they encounter a massive rock face, it's up to Richie to scale the treacherous cliff and drop a rope down for the rest of the team to climb up.  Soon thereafter, the team sets up base camp and ventures out to see what they can find. 

During the night, they get a few hits on the thermal imager (FLIR) and hear some spooky whistling noises before making a unsettling discovery: the moon is going through a lunar eclipse and the whole area is getting dark fast! After seeing a large shape on the FLIR, the team tries to track an animal of some kind but can't quite catch up. With very little moonlight left, Josh decides to pack the team up and head for home.

The Findings: At home in LA, Mike Dee comes over to study the evidence. Dee quickly dismisses one FLIR hit as too small to be the Kiyik Adam and also decides the whistles are some type of nocturnal birdcall. Finally, he takes a look at the animal Josh tried to track. He can't make it out but thinks that it might be a known animal, like a bear. Since Josh never got close, there is no way to know if this is just an animal or if, in fact, it was the Kiyik Adam.  This case, it seems, will require more investigation.

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