A Lucifer By Any Other Name

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 07:00

According to Michael, his brother Lucifer, might be alive and we might be getting a glimpse of him during this week's Season Finale of Dominion. Will he be talk, dark and broody like his younger archangel brothers, Michael and Gabriel? Or perhaps - despite our preconceived notions of Satan - he'll be doe eyed and platinum haired like his little sis, Uriel. The possibilities are endless and until we get a glimpse of Lucifer (Dominion style), here's a look at the different variations of Satan we liked, ranging from normal looking to scary as hell.

Shortcut to Happiness

"The Devil" - Even the Power Puff Girls' HIM is scarier than Jennifer Love Hewitt's rendition of the "Big Bad". Only a kitten playing with a ball of yarn is sweeter to watch.

Power Puff Girls

"HIM/Evilest of Evil" - Any demon who wants to moderately frighten people should have lobster claws for hands and own a pair of thigh high boots. Take note, aspiring devils across the world.

Deconstructing Harry

"The Devil" - Perhaps it was the smoking jacket or the grotto-like digs that made Billy Crystal see more like an eternal bachelor uncle than the boogeyman who lurks below. After watching this, we want to do bad stuff just so we can visit his version of Hell.

South Park
"Damien" - He's red, has a jekyll beard and horns coming out of his head, which puts him completely in line with how you'd describe The Devil to any kid you're trying to spook. But when you're telling them tales of The Devil, be sure to mention how hilarious this version of him is.

"The Devil" — "Devilish good looks" had a whole new meaning thanks to Elizabeth Hurley.

Little Nicky
The Devil is a Jets fan? Curses!

The Prophecy

"Lucifer" - Viggo Mortensen's Lucifer was plenty "dark" in nature, yet his attire looked more Lost Boys extra than Prince of Darkness, despite the bloodied mouth.

The Devil's Advocate
"Al Milton/The Devil" - In this case, less is more - CGI and prosthetics be damned. Seeing Pacino hopping mad is sinfully entertaining.


"Satan" - The eyes were the windows to Peter Stormare's demon soul. Don't look right at them or you'll turn to salt - or worse.

The Passion of the Christ

"Satan" - As if the cloak and shallow complexion weren't enough, Rosalinda Celentano, had to go and shave her eyebrows off, too. A subtle thing, eyebrows, but not having them when you're playing The Devil, makes all the eerie difference in the world.

Tales From the Hood

"Mr. Simms/The Devil" - In general, funeral directors and funeral parlors are creepy, so when a funeral director turn into a red eyed, serpent-tongued devil inside the funeral home that turns into Hell - welcome to your worst nightmare.


"Darkness" - We hear you loud and clear Tim Curry, Hell is a scary, scary place and we don't want to be anywhere near you or your pitchfork.