Shivani Ghai

Arika is the beautiful and wily Queen of Helena, a distant and mysterious fortified city (although, the residents of Vega merely think she is the Queen's wife - such is the depth of Arika's deceptions). Arika arrived in Vega as part of a negotiating party and shared a clandestine relationship with David Whele. Arika's true agenda - or, rather, agendas - are as secretive and mysteries as she. One thing you can always bet on - whatever she's telling you, it's probably a lie.

About Shivani Ghai

Shivani’s film credits include: Clean Skin, FirefliesEverywhere and Nowhere, London LifeRojinThe Bounty Hunter, RoadGoal!: The Dream BeginsBride & Prejudice and Day of the Sirens.

Shivani’s television credits include: Ambassadors, The Bible, Eastenders, The LeftoversFive Days, Identity, House of Saddam, Un Medico in Famiglia, SinchronicityMy Hero for BBC, The Camping Trip, AdventureDoctors and The Bill.

Her theater credits include Find Me Amongst The BlackBellsYoung Genius Season, Made In England, Bollywood: Yet Another Love Story and Nicki & Jay.

You can follow her on Twitter @ShivaniGhai