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While Michael makes the ultimate sacrifice, a familiar face returns and a secret past is revealed.

The mysteries of Mallory deepen as Michael struggles to keep his secret, while Alex’s problems in New Delphi are just starting.

While Alex receives the shock of his life in New Delphi, Michael arrives in a town seemingly untouched by the angel war.


Alex betrays Michael on the Senate floor, saying that he has been hiding the angels in the Archangel Corp, and he even names Noma as one of the higher angels that Michael has been hiding. Back in their hotel room, Becca confronts Michael and tells him that he's about to be brought up on charges...

Starting with something new this episode, the Babylonian desert in 1900 BC: where a child gets up and flees a pretty serious massacre of legless people. He is greeted by Michael, who tells him not to be afraid. And then Gabriel shows up and ... back to the present.

After the shocking reveal that Clementine is Claire's mother, Alex and Michael go to the old casino vault where she's being held. Alex reveals that his big plan is to perform an "eviction" – because he's read that The Chosen One is apparently capable of doing so.

Alex and Michael head out to the desert to learn how to better fight angels. Michael calls out the fact that Bixby is dead and Alex gets angry. Much like Yoda, it's time to use that anger. Big things are coming.

Having been arrested for desertion, Alex is dragged off to prison where he's beaten up. Prison's a rough place in Vega, as you might expect, and prisoners are generally strip-searched.

William meets with the Archangel Gabriel in a diner in the middle of nowhere, where they discuss William's future and how he's going to be helping Gabriel from now on.

Starting off with a flashback: Young Alex and his father (Jeep) are playing a sweet game of basketball when they're attacked by a trio of 8-balls: housewife 8-ball, acrobat 8-ball, and dad in cook-out gear 8-ball. Jeep fights them off, and it turns out Alex has some skills in this arena too.