Dominion Episodes


Not everyone survives the assault on Vega, while Michael and Gabriel find the Devil is in the detail.

As Gabriel and Michael battle to the death and Alex takes on an army of 8-balls, the fate of Vega may lie in David’s hands.

The Amphora spreads a darkness across Vega that forces everyone to confront their worst fears or most dangerous desires.

Michael gambles his life against a new enemy, while an unspeakable new evil is unleashed on Vega.

An encroaching 8-Ball army and civil war serve as backdrop for reunions of Alex & Claire and David & William.

General Riesen and Claire both face choices that could spell disaster for Vega, while someone claiming to be the Chosen One arrives in Vega.

Gabriel's past is unveiled, two familiar faces return and Claire's attempts at peace have game changing ramifications.

As David stokes the flames of civil war, Alex faces a dangerous new enemy to save Vega.

Alex faces Gabriel, while Claire attempts to stop civil war. Too bad David has other plans.

Deadly and unlikely alliances abound as David, Gabriel and Michael make decisions which could seal Vega's fate.