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General Riesen and Claire both face choices that could spell disaster for Vega, while someone claiming to be the Chosen One arrives in Vega.

Gabriel's past is unveiled, two familiar faces return and Claire's attempts at peace have game changing ramifications.

As David stokes the flames of civil war, Alex faces a dangerous new enemy to save Vega.

Alex faces Gabriel, while Claire attempts to stop civil war. Too bad David has other plans.

Deadly and unlikely alliances abound as David, Gabriel and Michael make decisions which could seal Vega's fate.

While Michael makes the ultimate sacrifice, a familiar face returns and a secret past is revealed.

The mysteries of Mallory deepen as Michael struggles to keep his secret, while Alex’s problems in New Delphi are just starting.

While Alex receives the shock of his life in New Delphi, Michael arrives in a town seemingly untouched by the angel war.


Alex betrays Michael on the Senate floor, saying that he has been hiding the angels in the Archangel Corp, and he even names Noma as one of the higher angels that Michael has been hiding. Back in their hotel room, Becca confronts Michael and tells him that he's about to be brought up on charges...

Starting with something new this episode, the Babylonian desert in 1900 BC: where a child gets up and flees a pretty serious massacre of legless people. He is greeted by Michael, who tells him not to be afraid. And then Gabriel shows up and ... back to the present.