Dominion Episodes





A Bitter Truth

David Whele is losing his marbles. The ghost of his dead son is chasing him through the hallways of the deeper, darker parts of Vega. Zoe kidnaps David, and she has a pretty big plan: she's going to kill him on camera, so that the rest of the V1s can see that the rebellion has some oomph behind it. But David is tricky and keeps her from killing him when he promises her a television station – the one where he used to film his televangelist TV show.

Meanwhile, Claire swings by to check in on Gates, who is having a hard time finding Zoe.  Gates likes baseball and it seems like he's kind of into painkillers as well, and this worries Claire. No time for that though, because the bunker where Gates lives is under attack – by an angel sent to kill Claire -- by Gabriel!
Meanwhile in New Delphi, Julian the angel is still having trouble with the alliance he struck with Alex. He's stalling for some reason and while we know it's because he's an angel of some kind, Alex and Noma have no idea. What they do know is that nobody can know that Pete was once an 8-Ball (because if people find that out, they'll know Alex can evict angels out of the people they've possessed), and everyone agrees to snoop around to find what Julian is hiding.

Off in the woods, Gabriel tells Michael that the bombing of the Aerie killed Uriel. The two get into a big fight that's pretty impressive, and then bond a little over whiskey and their grief, and try to plot their next move – which seems to be about teaming up for a common purpose.

Alex and Noma finally uncover Julian's plan – to build a dark army of 8-Balls who can stand for hours and rest in a weird storage locker–type room. When Alex and Noma confront Julian about the 8-Ball army, they're taken into custody, and forced to watch as Julian demonstrates the terrifying power of the fifth amphora (that's the big metal vial he's been lugging around).  The power is to call down angels and put them into humans. – which Julian does – to Pete.  Aw, we liked Pete angel-free.

David Whele leads Zoe to the old TV station and convinces her not to shoot him again, this time by promising her the codes to the city! When she balks at this, he proves it to her.

Claire and Gates continue to try not to make out with each other while an angel attacks, mess around with some electricity to try and fend off the angel, and finally come up with a sort of insane plan whereby they will lock the angel in the bunker and blow the place to smithereens.

Back in New Delphi, when Julian tries to put an angel into Noma, it doesn't go well. She wings her wings out and escapes with the amphora. She explains to Alex what it is, and that it's darkness that can wipe out a huge percentage of New Delphi – they finally have a weapon they can use!

Michael and Gabriel continue hanging out in the woods, drinking whiskey and arguing about God's will, when Michael learns where Alex is.  The two decide that they need to save him (Michael because he cares, Gabriel because he still believes Alex's tattoos are the key to bringing God back), and even though they both really hate New Delphi, they'll go there together. What could go wrong?

All of this while David Whele gets a hold of a gun, turns the tables on Zoe, delivers an unhinged sermon from the pulpit of his old time television show, and kills his ghost son all over again. David Whele is going to lead the revolution! And Zoe is sort of agreeing! Meanwhile, Gates and Claire trap the angel in the bunker with a well-aimed baseball, and escape.

But nobody's out of the woods yet. It turns out that Julian is a Dyad: a part human/part angel. And what he's looking to do is kill the upper echelon of angels, who seem to have enslaved the lower level angels. That's why he's been so keen to use the 8-Ball-making amphora that Noma is now threatening to blow the place up with. That's when Alex realizes – they all want the same thing, to defeat the upper-level angels.