Dominion Episodes





Reap The Whirlwind

Now that David Whele has joined the V1 Rebellion started by Zoe, the good people of Vega are in some serious trouble. The ensuing civil war has blown up a lot of their town. Even Zoe is pretty upset because even though she now owns the food production and half the town, she is about to lose her best friend, Jasper, in the battle. Ultimately, though, Zoe realizes that even though David Whele is terribly controlling, he is probably her best hope for organizing a rebellion.

Meanwhile, in New Delphi, Noma and 8-Ball Pete and Julian the Dyad and Alex are pretty proud of themselves for capturing Gabriel, but still don't trust each other. Julian (who is really an angel named Lyrae) wants revenge for being damned by Gabriel and Michael, and Alex and Noma decide to get out of New Delphi forever, even though Noma has hidden the amphora somewhere.

Alex finds Michael hanging out in a storage locker, and the two have a heart to heart about how much they love one another. Also, Alex tells Michael about the 8-Ball army and they realize what Julian's plan is – to attack Vega and make 8-Balls of the entire population. Also, turns out you can heal an angel by burning one of their feathers and rubbing ashes on them!

Back in Vega, David Whele convinces Zoe to give a PR speech and beat Claire to the punch. When she does, Gates decides he's going to sneak across the divide, sneak into the radio station and broadcast a new message from Claire. When Arika betrays Claire by giving David Whele a heads up, the rebels start looking for Gates specifically, which leads to a giant firefight in the tunnels under Vega.

Meanwhile, Alex has a touching moment where he reveals to General Riesen that he tried to evict the angel from his wife Clementine and that's ultimately what killed her. The General seems fine with it, until Julian interrupts them. When Alex tries to evict Lyrae from Julian's body, things don't go entirely as planned. Turns out a human needs to WANT to be free. In the meantime, Alex is knocked out and General Riesen has a heart attack. Worse still, Noma is not about to tell Julian/Lyrae where she hid the amphora, but there's a new plan – if Julian tortures Alex, she's likely to crack and tell him the hiding place. When that doesn't work, they nail her wings to the wall.

Finally, when Gates gets control of the emergency broadcasting system, he hooks Claire into it and she delivers an impassioned speech to the people of Vega. Even the V1s stop looting the food supply and pause to listen.

Then, when Alex's markings turn out to be protective and Julian finds that he's not going to be able to burn them off (hard as he may try), Noma decides she's going to take matters into her own hands and pull herself off the wall by tearing off her own wings. It is gross and sad. And all it really ends up teaching everyone is that the markings were actually trying to warn Alex that Lyrae was planning to attack Vega.

Speaking of Vega, Claire confronts Gates about his defying orders, and they just can't take it anymore and they end up kissing without their shirts on. All the while, the rebels pretty much all join in to Zoe's rebellion because she's such an excellent public speaker. Meanwhile, David Whele chats with Arika about their burgeoning alliance, and is busted by Zoe, who no longer seems to believe that he's on her side – so she shoots him in the leg.

Finally, as Alex and Noma escape New Delphi, leaving Michael behind, their thoughts turn to patching up her wound as Michael, unconscious, is thrown to the floor in front of Gabriel. This does not bode well for the high angels, gang.