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10 Full Episodes
S1.E10 Hieronymo's Mad Againe
S1.E9 The Barbarous King
S1.E8 Here Is No Water But Only Rock
S1.E7 What The Thunder Said
S1.E6 Madame Sosostris
S1.E5 A Clatter And A Chatter
S1.E4 Fever Of The Bone
S1.E3 In Our Empty Rooms
S1.E2 In Rats Alley
S1.E1 RVL 6768

Channel Zero

6 Full Episodes
S1.E1 You Have To Go Inside
S1.E2 I'll Hold Your Hand
S1.E3 Want To See Something Cool?
S1.E4 A Strange Vessel
S1.E5 Guest Of Honor
S1.E6 Welcome Home

The Expanse

5 Full Episodes
S1.E5 Back to the Butcher
S1.E6 Rock Bottom
S1.E7 Windmills
S1.E8 Salvage
S1.E9 Critical Mass/Leviathan Wakes

Face Off

129 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Welcome to The Jungle
S1.E2 Naked Ambition
S1.E3 Out of This World
S1.E4 Bad to the Bone
S1.E5 Switched and Hitched
S1.E6 The Dancing Dead
S1.E7 Family Plot
S1.E8 Twisted Tales
S2.E1 Return to Oz
S2.E2 Water World
S2.E3 Rock Your Body
S2.E4 Night Terrors
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13 Full Episodes
S1.E1 The Beginning and The End
S1.E2 Messages
S1.E3 Maid of Orleans
S1.E4 Love and Violence
S1.E5 Her Body in My Soul
S1.E6 Bunker Soldier
S1.E7 Kissing the Machine
S1.E8 The More I See You
S1.E9 Promise
S1.E10 Our System
S1.E11 Telegraph
S1.E12 Pretending to See the Future
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1 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Vertical Mobility

The Internet Ruined My Life

6 Full Episodes
S1.E1 #CancelColbert
S1.E2 Food Fight
S1.E3 Sext Gone Wrong
S1.E4 Adults Only
S1.E5 Gleek Tragedy
S1.E6 Video Villain


20 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Bangarang
S1.E2 The Sugar Point Run
S1.E3 The Harvest
S1.E4 Vessel
S1.E5 A Glitch in the System
S1.E6 One Blood
S1.E7 Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
S1.E8 Come the Rain
S1.E9 Enemy Khlyen
S1.E10 Escape Velocity
S2.E1 Dutch and the Real Girl
S2.E2 Wild, Wild Westerley
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The Magicians

13 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Unauthorized Magic TV-MA
S1.E2 The Source of Magic TV-MA
S1.E3 Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting TV-MA
S1.E4 The World in the Walls TV-MA
S1.E5 Mendings, Major and Minor TV-MA
S1.E6 Impractical Applications TV-MA
S1.E7 The Mayakovsky Circumstance TV-MA
S1.E8 The Strangled Heart TV-MA
S1.E9 The Writing Room TV-MA
S1.E10 Homecoming TV-MA
S1.E11 Remedial Battle Magic TV-MA
S1.E12 Thirty - Nine Graves TV-MA
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The Magicians en Español

13 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Unauthorized Magic (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E2 Source of Magic (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E3 Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E4 The World in the Walls (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E5 Mendings, Major and Minor (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E6 Impractical Applications (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E7 The Mayakovsky Circumstance (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E8 The Strangled Heart (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E9 The Writing Room (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E10 Homecoming (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E11 Remedial Battle Magic (Spanish Subtitles)
S1.E12 Thirty - Nine Graves (Spanish Subtitles)
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Paranormal Witness

64 Full Episodes
S1.E1 The Girl With No Face
S1.E2 Kentucky UFO Chase
S1.E3 Watched in the Wilderness
S1.E4 The Haunting of Mansfield Mansion
S1.E5 The Dangerous Game
S1.E6 The Rain Man
S2.E1 Man in the Attic
S2.E2 Brooklyn Haunting
S2.E3 Capitol Theater Haunting
S2.E4 The Dybbuk Box
S2.E5 Lady on the Stairs
S2.E6 The Apartment
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Van Helsing

12 Full Episodes
S1.E12 He's Coming
S1.E11 Last Time
S1.E10 Stay Away
S1.E9 Help Out
S1.E8 Little Thing
S1.E7 For Me
S1.E6 Nothing Matters
S1.E5 Fear Her
S1.E4 Coming Back
S1.E3 Stay Inside
S1.E2 Seen You
S1.E1 Help Me

Wynonna Earp

3 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Purgatory
S1.E2 Keep the Home Fires Burning
S1.E3 Leavin' On Your Mind

Z Nation

5 Full Episodes
S3.E12 The Siege of Murphytown
S3.E11 Doc's Angels
S3.E10 They Grow Up So Quickly
S3.E9 Heart of Darkness
S3.E8 Election Day