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12 Monkeys

13 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Splinter
S1.E2 Mentally Divergent
S1.E3 Cassandra Complex
S1.E4 Atari
S1.E5 The Night Room
S1.E6 The Red Forest
S1.E7 The Keys
S1.E8 Yesterday
S1.E9 Tomorrow
S1.E10 Divine Move
S1.E11 Shonin
S1.E12 Paradox
S1.E13 Arms of Mine

The Almighty Johnsons

5 Full Episodes
S2.E13 Does This Look Like Asgard?
S2.E12 You Call This the Real World?
S2.E11 House of Jerome
S2.E10 Magical Fluffy Bunny World
S2.E9 Everything Starts With Gaia

Close Up Kings

5 Full Episodes
S1.E8 Niagara Falls
S1.E7 Vancouver
S1.E6 San Francisco
S1.E5 Miami
S1.E4 Phoenix


12 Full Episodes
S3.E1 The World We Seize
S3.E2 Broken Bough
S3.E3 Dead Air
S3.E4 History Rhymes
S3.E5 Where the Apples Fell
S3.E6 The Beauty of Our Weapons
S3.E7 My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You
S3.E8 Ostinato in White
S3.E9 When Twilight Dims The Sky Above
S3.E10 Of a Demon in My View
S3.E11 The Awakening
S3.E12 Upon the March We Fittest Die


13 Full Episodes
S2.E13 Sine Deo Nihil
S2.E12 Day of Wrath
S2.E11 Bewilderment of Heart
S2.E10 House of Sacrifice
S2.E9 The Seed of Evil
S2.E8 The Longest Mile Home
S2.E7 Lay Thee Before Kings
S2.E6 Reap the Whirlwind
S2.E5 Son of the Fallen
S2.E4 A Bitter Truth
S2.E3 The Narrow Gate
S2.E2 Mouth of the Damned
S2.E1 Heirs of Salvation

Face Off

10 Full Episodes
S9.E10 Freak Show
S9.E9 Judgment Day
S9.E8 The Gauntlet
S9.E7 All That Glitters
S9.E6 Extraterrestrial Enterprise
S9.E5 The Gatekeepers
S9.E4 Frightful Fiction
S9.E3 Surprise of the Century
S9.E2 Siren Song
S9.E1 Intergalactic Zoo

Geeks Who Drink

5 Full Episodes
S1.E12 Retta vs. Robert Buckley
S1.E11 Tricia Helfer v. Kevin Weisman
S1.E10 Matthew MacCaull vs. Andrew Daly
S1.E9 Harold Perrineau v. Zach Knighton
S1.E8 Robert Kazinsky v. Dominic Monaghan


5 Full Episodes
S1.E8 Cockatoo Island
S1.E7 North Kapunda Hotel
S1.E6 Australiana Pioneer Village
S1.E5 Adelaide Arcade
S1.E4 Gledswood Homestead


3 Full Episodes
S5.E13 Chosen
S5.E12 Chemistry
S5.E11 Reflections


5 Full Episodes
S2.E13 O Brave New World
S2.E12 The Ascendant
S2.E11 Plan B
S2.E10 Mother
S2.E9 Ectogenesis


10 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Bangarang
S1.E2 The Sugar Point Run
S1.E3 The Harvest
S1.E4 Vessel
S1.E5 A Glitch in the System
S1.E6 One Blood
S1.E7 Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
S1.E8 Come the Rain
S1.E9 Enemy Khylen
S1.E10 Escape Velocity


5 Full Episodes
S1.E13 Truth
S1.E12 Door to Olympus
S1.E11 The Speed of Time
S1.E10 Heritage
S1.E9 Pandora's Tomb

Paranormal Witness

6 Full Episodes
S4.E6 The Dark Pond
S4.E5 Poppy's Revenge
S4.E4 Suzy Doll
S4.E3 The Molech
S4.E2 Nightmare on Chestnut Street
S4.E1 The Motel

Troy: Street Magic

4 Full Episodes
S2.E4 Episode 10
S2.E3 Episode 9
S2.E2 Episode 8
S2.E1 Episode 7

Z Nation

4 Full Episodes
S2.E4 Batch 47
S2.E3 Zombie Road
S2.E2 The White Light
S2.E1 The Murphy