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12 Monkeys

10 Full Episodes
S1.E10 Divine Move
S1.E9 Tomorrow
S1.E8 Yesterday
S1.E7 The Keys
S1.E6 The Red Forest
S1.E5 The Night Room
S1.E4 Atari
S1.E3 Cassandra Complex
S1.E2 Mentally Divergent
S1.E1 Splinter

The Almighty Johnsons

5 Full Episodes
S2.E13 Does This Look Like Asgard?
S2.E12 You Call This the Real World?
S2.E11 House of Jerome
S2.E10 Magical Fluffy Bunny World
S2.E9 Everything Starts With Gaia

Close Up Kings

5 Full Episodes
S1.E8 Niagara Falls
S1.E7 Vancouver
S1.E6 San Francisco
S1.E5 Miami
S1.E4 Phoenix


13 Full Episodes
S2.E13 I Almost Prayed
S2.E12 All Things Must Pass
S2.E11 Doll Parts
S2.E10 Bottom of the World
S2.E9 Painted From Memory
S2.E8 Slouching Towards Bethlehem
S2.E7 If You Could See Her Through My Eyes
S2.E6 This Woman's Work
S2.E5 Put the Damage On
S2.E4 Beasts of Burden
S2.E3 The Cord and the Ax
S2.E2 In My Secret Life
S2.E1 The Opposite of Hallelujah


8 Full Episodes
S1.E8 Beware Those Closest to You
S1.E7 Ouroboros
S1.E6 Black Eyes Blue
S1.E5 Something Borrowed
S1.E4 The Flood
S1.E3 Broken Places
S1.E2 Godspeed
S1.E1 Pilot

Face Off

13 Full Episodes
S8.E11 Imaginary Friends
S8.E10 Super Selfies
S8.E9 Miss Intergalactic
S8.E8 Dressed to Kill
S8.E7 Queen Bees
S8.E6 Troll Bridge
S8.E5 Sounding Off
S8.E4 Royal Flush
S8.E3 Let the Games Begin
S8.E2 Monkey Business
S8.E1 Return of the Champions
S7.E15 Face Off Special: Judges Compete
S7.E14 One Knight Only

Haunting: Australia

1 Full Episodes
S1.E1 Woodford Academy


5 Full Episodes
S5.E13 Chosen
S5.E12 Chemistry
S5.E11 Reflections
S5.E10 Mortality
S5.E9 Morbidity


5 Full Episodes
S2.E10 Mother
S2.E9 Ectogenesis
S2.E8 Vade in Pace
S2.E7 Cross - Pollination
S2.E6 M. Domestica

Paranormal Witness

5 Full Episodes
S3.E20 The Rendelsham Files
S3.E19 The Exorcist
S3.E18 The Harpy
S3.E17 The Visitors
S3.E16 The Coven


10 Full Episodes
S1.E10 Episode 10: Reunion
S1.E9 Episode 9: Retribution
S1.E8 Episode 8: Indoctrination
S1.E7 Episode 7: Beast
S1.E6 Episode 6: Prey
S1.E5 Episode 5: Dawn
S1.E4 Episode 4: Spares
S1.E3 Episode 3: Fragments
S1.E2 Episode 2: Bind
S1.E1 Episode 1: The Hunt

Troy: Street Magic

6 Full Episodes
S1.E6 Episode 6
S1.E5 Episode 5
S1.E4 Episode 4
S1.E3 Episode 3
S1.E2 Episode 2
S1.E1 Episode 1

Warehouse 13

5 Full Episodes
S5.E6 Endless
S5.E5 Cangku Shisi
S5.E4 Savage Seduction
S5.E3 A Faire to Remember
S5.E2 Secret Services

Wizard Wars

12 Full Episodes
S1.E12 Walking On Water
S1.E11 Magic Carpet Ride
S1.E10 Mentalist Marvels
S1.E9 Billy Bears All
S1.E8 Silly Rabbits
S1.E7 Fire and Mice
S1.E6 Birds of a Feather
S1.E5 Battle of the Vegas Strip
S1.E4 Blown Away
S1.E3 Rated Arrrgh!
S1.E2 Puppy Love
S1.E1 Spam - tastic!