EurekaEureka Timeline- A Blast From the Past

Eureka Timeline- A Blast From the Past

In the Beginning...

During season 4, Eureka experienced a blast from the past that sent the town through a worldwind of changes. Get caught up on the adventures here!

•    Carter answers his phone and is transported back in time to 1947 Eureka. Allison, Fargo, Henry and Jo soon follow.

•     The group discovers that an invention called the Bridge Device can transport them back to present day. 

•    With the help of Dr. Trevor Grant, the Bridge Device's co-inventor, Carter and the others make it back to 2010 Eureka.  But some things have changed…

•    Carter realizes that his alternate-timeline self asked Tess to move in with him, and she said yes – but he thinks he might be in love with Allison.

•    Positronic lightening destroyed the Bridge Device, making it impossible to send Dr. Grant back.

•    Dr. Grant devises a plan to ground the positronic lightening, which threatens to set Eureka ablaze. By saving Eureka, Grant earns Carter's trust.

•    The time travelers make a pact to not tell anyone about the altered timeline.

•    Tess and Carter have hit a rough patch in their relationship. Carter splits up with Tess, leaving her heartbroken. She leaves Eureka for a job overseas.

•    Allison admits to stealing an oxygen-generating fluid to help Kevin win Eureka's big rocket race.

•    Jo's house is destroyed by a rocket, so she moves into Carter's extra room.

•    Fargo has a crush on Claudia Donovan, an official from Warehouse 13, who is in town to pick up a substance that her organization depends on.

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