Jack Carter

Jack Carter

Colin Ferguson

Jack Carter is sharp and charming, with a quick wit and a street-smart edge. Dedicated first and foremost to his career, his separation from his wife has left him at odds with his teenage daughter, Zoe, whose brushes with the law have kept Carter nearly as busy as his day job. In fact, after one of Zoe's escapades, Carter had been driving her home to Los Angeles from Seattle when their car crashed outside the town of Eureka, setting in motion a sequence of events that resulted in him becoming the town's sheriff.

The chronically overworked sheriff faces critical changes in Season 4. Some, like daughter Zoe's departure for Harvard, were expected. Others, including the appearance of a new rival for Allison's attention, were not. But, no matter how things change in Eureka, one thing remains the same: Carter will continue rescuing the town from its own brilliantly created mishaps.

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