Purple Haze
Season 1 - Episode 109
Purple Haze
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It's a typical evening in Eureka: Henry is finishing a new cellular communications system for the town; Stark's single-minded focus on the mysterious artifact in Section Five is driving Allison nuts; and Sheriff Jack Carter is breaking up another dispute between Fargo and his neighbor, farmer Seth Osborne, whose insistence on playing loud music for his new strain of hybrid plants prevents Fargo from getting his beauty sleep.

Eventually the town quiets down. In fact, it gets too quiet: all the townsfolk pass out during the night. The next morning, Jack's phone rings off the hook as people awaken from this bizarre slumber. More disturbing, Jack's friends and colleagues aren't acting like themselves. Lupo is lighthearted and irresponsible. Henry is surly, unhelpful, and drunk. Stark is dangerously obsessed with his secret artifact. Seth and Fargo's squabble escalates toward physical violence, and when Jack goes to Global Dynamics to interrogate Fargo, he walks straight into an unusually emotional ex-lovers' quarrel between Allison and Stark. Driven into a temper, Allison quits her job, the first serious consequence of everyone's strange behavior. She then tries to seduce Jack - and nearly succeeds.

Without any of his usual allies to help, Jack must investigate the situation completely on his own. He guesses that Henry's new cellular tower is broadcasting a signal that somehow breaks down people's inhibitions. Unfortunately, although he destroys the tower, people's behavior only grows worse. Soon, Beverly Barlowe commandeers the public address system to blurt out all the secrets she's learned in her therapy sessions with townsfolk. Furious, Allison charges off to stop her. The two fight, and Allison nearly shoots Jack when he intervenes.

Realizing that he might be the only person still unaffected by the spreading chaos, Jack rushes home to check on his daughter. To his relief, Zoe is also in her right mind. Working together, father and daughter piece together what happened: they live in the only house in town where all the air is filtered through an advanced particle filter, and last night, that filter trapped large amounts of exotic pollen. The pollen came from Seth's new plants, which Zoe discovers are a genetic hybrid that acts as a natural sedative - but which also has dangerous mind-altering side effects. Jack must destroy the crop before darkness falls and it releases more pollen - which means he must venture out again into the potentially deadly madhouse that Eureka has become.


story by

Andrew Cosby & Jaime Paglia


teleplay by

Johanna Stokes


directed by

David Straiton




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