EurekaHow-ToSmart Gifts for Fargo

Smart Gifts for Fargo

You know there are those people you spend so much time with, you feel like they're your family? That's how we at feel about the folks who live and work in Eureka. They're so much a part of our lives that we can't help daydreaming about what we'd give them for the holidays if we saw them in the flesh. Here now is a little peek at our fantasy gift list for some of our favorite people.

The big news in Fargo's life is his budding romance with Holly Marten. He's completely smitten, so he wants to take things slowly and get to know her. For a girl with Holly's tastes, that means role-playing. That's right – with the workout these two are getting from playing Dungeons & Dragons, we know he's going to need a new Dungeon Master's guide, and maybe even a new twelve-sided die.

We really felt for Fargo when we learned his origin story: back when he was Dougie and Dr. Parrish was Isaac, the latter beat the former over and over in a Young Scientists' Rocket Building contest. The pangs of defeat were finally soothed when he found out he and Holly were going to Titan without Parrish in This One Time At Space Camp, but we'd love to remind him of challenges overcome by giving him a model rocket kit this year.

So, you know how Eureka makes the best everything, all the time? They have the best cars, the best medicine, the best toys and the best computers. It follows that they would have the best space food. None of this dehydrated astronaut ice cream for them – they're sure to have delicious, five-course meals in their galactic mission. So we thought we'd get Fargo some Tang – as a joke!

We're not sure what's up with Fargo's obsession with bobble-head dolls made in his own image, but we know that they make him happy, so when we saw that Fargo's "Little Fargo" got mashed in the stasis field in Reprise, we knew that we'd be sending him a replacement.


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