EurekaEureka Timeline- A Blast From the Past

Eureka Timeline- A Blast From the Past

The Past Meets The Present...

During season 4, Eureka experienced a blast from the past that sent the town through a worldwind of changes. Get caught up on the adventures here!

* Objects from 1947, like bullets, planes and redwoods, start appearing all over town. They realize that Dr. Grant is acting as a magnet for exotic particles, and causing these objects to be pulled through time.

* Allison engineers Nano robots to remove the exotic particles from Grant's bloodstream, shutting down his magnetism.

* Henry, after trying to put distance between himself and his new-timeline wife - Grace, yields to the fact that he's truly in love with her.

* One of the time-traveling objects got lodged in Jo's chest, and she is heartened by the fact that Zane sat at her bedside while she was recovering from surgery.

* Carter is crazy for Allison, but she starts dating Grant.

* Because of his love for her, Henry tells Grace about the time travel. She handles the news badly, and the two separate.

* Grant and Jack get into a scuffle with Carter over Allison, but the two band together to save Kevin, who is being hunted by Tiny, the astronautic probe.

* Carter uses quick wit to save Kevin, who then gives Jack his blessing to date his mom.

* Zoe is visiting from Harvard, and may be lighting up a romance with Zane. Jo is jealous, but there's nothing she can do to stop it.

* Archeologists at a local dig site are turning to stone. Carter and Zoe discover a bone treated with a solution that makes things fossilize is the cause.

* Zoe, having been exposed to the dig site, also begins to petrify, but they find the antidote to save her and the rest of the town.

* Realizing that life is short, Carter finds Allison and sweeps her up in a passionate kiss.

* Henry asks Fargo (of all people) for advice on how to win back Grace. Fargo's suggestion to serenade Grace with "She Blinded Me With Science" saves the day.

* Beverly Barlowe hatches a secret and sinister plan with Grant, who is unaware of the threat she poses to Eureka.

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