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It’s another epic week of battles, as the artists create ancient aliens that could have been the inspiration for Aztec gods.

In the first elimination challenge of the season, the artists battle it out as they create fun and lighthearted monsters inspired by real life day jobs.

In the season premiere of Face Off, twelve of your favorite artists return to the competition with a twist: this time they’re battling.


Twists abound for the final three’s haunted house challenge. Who will be named winner of Face Off Season 12?

The final three must create creatures for a haunted house conceptualized by series judge Glenn Hetrick.

The legendary Rick Baker guest judges the artists' alien creations, inspired by real recordings from space.

The six remaining artists create victims of a fungal virus that turns people into zombies.

The artists must create looks for the owners of possessed objects. Cheyenne Jackson guest judges.

The artists must bring the four seasons to life for a dance to be choreographed by Travis Wall.

The artists must create a demon that would oversee a specific circle of Dante’s version of Hell.