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Face Off Episodes


The artists must bring the four seasons to life for a dance to be choreographed by Travis Wall.

The artists must create a demon that would oversee a specific circle of Dante’s version of Hell.

A twist with the teams, an assignment to create fairy tale characters AND Elizabeth Mitchell guest judges.

Inspired by hive-minded insects, the artists must create queen, worker and drone aliens. 

In a first, the artists are divided into two make-up effects shops. First assignment: design a werewolf pack.


The final three must create animalistic kung-fu masters for an actual fight scene. Who will win Season 11?

It's the semi-finals! The last four must create a gargoyle inspired by a different style of architecture.

The final five must create a representation of a Hawaiian god or goddess. Plus: Lois Burwell returns!

The remaining artists, competing individually, must create an alien delegate for an intergalactic congress. 

The two teams must create a coven of warlocks or witches at war with each other.