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The artists paired up to create the gatekeeper to an alternate dimension ... and the creature he or she guards.

The artists must create a mashup character from famous works of genre literature.

The 100th episode of Face Off had the artists creating macabre makeups for engaged couples ... and then McKenzie officiated their group wedding! 

The artists created a unique Siren creature from Greek mythology using a marine animal as inspiration.

16 artists arrive and things quickly turn into an intergalactic zoo for which they must create alien/animal hybrids.


The three finalists must create characters that could star in a film from one of three genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Post-Apocalyptic.

The final four select a classic Wild West archetype and reimagine it in steampunk cyborg form.

The artists select from several different dolls from Bob Baker's famous Marionette Theater to concoct the next Chucky or Annabelle.

The artists bring a whimsical creature to life based on a child's description of their imaginary companion.

The artists shape their own personal superhero or villain alter-egos, using themselves as their own models! Guest Judge: Todd McFarlane.