Face Off Episodes


The teams must create the driver behind Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic vehicle. Oh, about that cliffhanger…

The teams must showcase a human-to-monster transformation in THREE totally distinct stages.

Inspired by unique snowflakes, the teams must create their own Snow Queen character. 

The teams must create real-life versions of Mattel's Monster High characters. Plus: A twist with judging! 

The teams must create an angel and a devil character, but have to merge them onto one model. 

16 Face Off alums return for another chance at winning, but there is a new twist. Oh, and there’s aliens.


The final three must finish their looks for a horror short. Who won Face Off Season 10?

The final three are each paired with a different director to create camera-ready looks for a horror short.

Inspired by the new attraction at the Universal Orlando Resort, the artists must create an indigenous species which would inhabit King Kong's Skull Island.

The artists must choose World of Warcraft's most memorable creatures and bring them to life! Special Guest: Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim).