Futurama Episodes


As the Planet Express team vacations aboard the starship Titanic, the vessel falls victim to the gravitational pull of a black hole.

Bender seeks religion after becoming addicted to electricity.

A colossal chunk of stinking garbage threatens to destroy New New York City.

Fry finds himself the ruler of an alien world after he accidentally consumes the planet's emperor.

Fry discovers that a small amount of money left in his old bank account has accumulated into a fortune. But his nostalgia for all things 20th century-and anchovies in particular-puts him at odds with an evil oil tycoon.

Fry and Lela find themselves trapped on a planet ruled by human-hating robots.

Leela finds herself the object of a starship captain's amorous advances.

Fry and Bender become a futuristic odd couple when they attempt to share an apartment.

Fry eagerly anticipates his first visit to the moon…only to realize that it is home to a cheesy amusement park.

A pizza delivery boy named Fry awakens from a state of suspended animation and finds himself in a futuristic world populated by aliens, robots and spaceships.