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A mother needs TAPS' help to stop a spirit who has been communicating with her son.

A haunted restaurant, a mysterious woman in a black dress and a ghostly bathroom attendant!? Yup, TAPS is needed.

Do the women in charge of a haunted armory have anything to do with the paranormal activity there?

A serial killer and one of America’s worst train crashes are at the center of a haunted rail yard.


She’s baaaack. New activity takes TAPS back to Edith Wharton’s home, the site of a 2008 investigation.

TAPS travels to Boston to investigate the renowned USS Constitution.

Haunted prison alert! TAPS investigated a Pennsylvania jail to help solve a tragic hanging.

The legend of a mysterious love triangle and suicides could be at the root of frightening paranormal activity at a VT college.

The repercussions of a deadly car accident could be behind unexplained phenomena.

TAPS heads to the historic Fort Adams where past deadly events may have present ramifications.