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Owners of a haunted theatre buy the building next door. Things don’t go well from there.

TAPS travels to Missouri to help three generations of a family living on one haunted estate.

A family believes a presence has taken over their home AND children.

TAPS travels to St. Charles, Missouri to investigate hauntings in buildings constructed over a cemetery.

A bride-to-be needs TAPS help in determining if her dream venue is safe despite claims of terrifying phenomena.

A Jesuit seminary turned culinary institute calls in TAPS to find out if its former residents are haunting it.

TAPS is back, and their investigating a Kentucky Distillery, supposedly haunted by one of its founding family members.


When an 1878 music hall is built on top of an old orphanage, asylum, and mass unmarked graves, specters can outnumber spectators! T.A.P.S. investigates the Cincinnati Music Hall in Ohio, where musicians aren't the only performers found in this building.

Are you sitting down? Because there is some BIG stuff going on tonight! It's the 200th episode of Ghost Hunters and the team is going all out to celebrate.

A school and a jail! Both locations are as haunted as could be and both needing the Ghost Hunters to put some minds at ease!