Ghost Hunters Episodes


Actors Rachel Nichols (Continuum) and Jonathan Sadowski (Young and Hungry) join TAPS to investigate a haunted museum.

TAPS must help a woman whose home may be threatened by the spirits of a cursed, 18th century village.

Could a former Congressman and his family still be haunting their home?

Restless spirits haunt the home where they were once the subject of medical experiments.

In an old Rhode Island library, TAPS must determine if reports of paranormal activity are fiction or not.

Is a child’s birthday party at risk from dangerous spirits?

TAPS investigates a haunted prison, and a home where 16 people died in 24 hours. Uh-oh.

TAPS must determine if renovation on an armory could provoke spirits with violent pasts.

What do pirates have to do with spirits haunting a former military base? TAPS is on the case.

A mother needs TAPS' help to stop a spirit who has been communicating with her son.