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When an 1878 music hall is built on top of an old orphanage, asylum, and mass unmarked graves, specters can outnumber spectators! T.A.P.S. investigates the Cincinnati Music Hall in Ohio, where musicians aren't the only performers found in this building.

Are you sitting down? Because there is some BIG stuff going on tonight! It's the 200th episode of Ghost Hunters and the team is going all out to celebrate.

A school and a jail! Both locations are as haunted as could be and both needing the Ghost Hunters to put some minds at ease!

Welcome to the second half of season 9! To kick things off, the team rallies to the help a deceased officer find peace at the New Brunswick Old City Hall. Later, TAPS visits a worsted mill in an undisclosed location to investigate horrifying claims!

When a site has a deadly history going back to the 1600s, you can bet there are going to be some lingering spirits in the area!

Tonight's investigations have TAPS confronting the ghosts of dead Presidents!   First, the team investigates the Belle Grove Plantation in King George, Virginia, which is the birthplace of James Madison.  Then, they move to Jordan Springs in Winchester, Virginia.  The springs are believed to...

Lucas, Ohio was the site of a gruesome murder scene in the 1800s.  Young Celie Rose murdered her entire family with rat poison in a single night!

Tonight, TAPS heads to the Octagon Museum in Franklin, Kentucky, where recent renovations have opened up PANDORA'S box of paranormal activity.  Later, the team heads to Memphis, Tennessee to check out the Woodruff-Fontaine House, which is haunted by its own tragic past.

Time to get your sea legs on!  Tonight the TAPS team travels to Buffalo, New York to check in on 3 historic- and very haunted- vessels of the U.S. Navy. The Buffalo Navy and Military Park is the home to the USS The Sullivans, USS Little Rock and a submarine USS Croaker.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania may be one of the most tragic historic landmarks in the United States. This was the site of the deadliest battle of the American Civil War: 51,000 people died in 3 days. With that much blood on the soil, it's no wonder the town is a hotspot for paranormal activity.