Ghost Hunters Episodes



Hmmm, will Ebenezer Scrooge appear in this episode? "The Ghosts of Christmas Past" brings TAPS to The Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire. Then it's off to the Old Stone Court, a revolutionary war fort in Schoharie, New York.


Get ready! Meat Loaf is back on the team and he is just full of energy! Tonight the legendary singer turned ghost hunter is joining TAPS as they investigate one of the most notoriously creepy sites in Alabama: Sloss Furnace.


Pay attention!  This is one busy episode.  First, there are housekeeping changes to attend to. Then, TAPS travels to New York to investigate a fort that's older than America. 


Buckle up! This is going to be a good one.  Tonight's episode features one of the finalists in The Great American Ghost Hunts: Beardslee Castle in upstate New York, nominated by Lauren Telarole.  From there, the team heads to one of the most haunted cities in America: Savannah, GA. 


Pull up a chair because tonight's Ghost Hunters is a double episode has the TAPS team investigating spirits locked up in The Ulster County jail in Kingston, N.Y.  From there the gang travels to an Atlanta, GA., to the Antebellum Plantation.


Things were all hunky-dorey between the spirits and the staff at The Bissman Building, in Mansfield, Ohio. That is, until a paranormal force tried to choke a manager to death.


Big news! Wait.  Not big news.  HUGE NEWS!  Steve and Tango are BAAAAACK!!!!    Ghost Hunters Academy was fun, but they're investigators at heart and it's great to see them back in action.


FAN ALERT!!!  Joe Chin is joining tonight's investigation!!  Everyone is happy to have him along once again!
Now, to the recap:


Let's face it, the Lemp family had some issues.  The brewery masters had a beautiful mansion, which stands as a landmark in St. Louis, Missouri.


Lighthouses rule!  Especially on Ghost Hunters because they're always creepy and they're usually haunted.  This week TAPS is checking out the Rose Island Lighthouse off of Newport, R.I.