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Travel Trips: Trinidad

Joe's Trinidad

What one item should anyone visiting Trinidad bring along?
I have two items that I recommend you bring…one, warm weather clothing and two, sun tan lotion.

What's the one thing anyone visiting the Lopinot Valley should see?
You have to see the awesome valleys when you drive up the mountains.  But be careful during the drive up.  Because the roads are very narrow and there are no guardrails.

What part of Trinidadian culture most appealed to you?
The people from Trinidad were very spiritual and it was nice a welcoming feeling.

Would you go back, and why?
I would like to go back someday.  The beaches in Trinidad were beautiful and there were more places I didn’t get to see.

Final thoughts?
For the most part, I really did like Trinidad.  And felt that the people were very welcoming.  I also wanted to learn more of their culture as well taking in all the scenery.

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