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Barry's England

What's the one thing about England anyone hoping to visit should be prepared for?

Barry: Caravans or mobile trailer homes; the country is filled with people going on holiday from one side of the country to the next and tail backs (traffic jams) which can last up to miles can ensue.

What one item should anyone visiting England bring along?

Barry: A good GPS system. Sometimes, the roads can get very complicated especially around Birmingham and a GPS really is a life saver.

What's the one thing anyone visiting England should see?

Barry: Being Irish, I would say the boat out of it :) But seriously, Big Ben in London, Buckingham Palace, The Angel of the North, to name a few.

What part of English culture most appealed to you?

Barry: I liked the Norfolk slang. It reminds me of a radio show I listened to on the BBC as a child and it brought back fond memories...oh, and afternoon tea.
Would you go back, and why?

Barry: Getting outside of the major cities, England is a picturesque country. Its quaint villages are something you see on a chocolate box, and the people of the small villages make you feel right at home.

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