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Season 1 - Episode 101
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Donna LaCroix meets with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson to discuss the large number of cases that have come in from overseas. Jason knows of Robb Demarest, a trusted investigator, who might be able to lead an international team. The men offer Donna a chance to investigate and act as case officer. They also suggest that TAPS members Brian Harnois and Andy Andrews, along with Shannon Sylvia from New England Paranormal, form the core of the new team.

Robb greets the team in England and introduces them to investigator Barry Fitzgerald, who rounds out the group.


Considered the most haunted castle in the United Kingdom, Chillingham Castle was the site of many horrendous tortures and deaths a millennium ago. Owner Sir Humphry Wakefield Bt. and Richard Marsh are hopeful something can be learned.

During the night's investigation, Andy and Robb immediately debunk a suit of armor that can, on first glance, be easily mistaken for an apparition, and they point out a loose window being knocked by wind that could be the source of eerie sounds.

Barry and Brian, though, hear a voice in the dungeon. Shannon and Donna experience their handheld camera losing battery life in the chapelm and Donna feels particularly uneasy despite grasping her rosary.

Later, in the Grey Room, Robb and Brian hear more sounds, but again they think it's the wind. However, in a lower dungeon, where dogs were kept, Barry and Donna hear sounds. Then Barry feels something on his arm and senses a presence behind him.

As the teams reviews its hours of audio recordings, several distinct words are detected. While some sounds are open to interpretation, they all agree one is someone saying the name "James".

A visual orb is debunked as an insect crossing the camera's field of view. Three names are distinctly identified on the audio tapes, and Donna's research reveals that James II was beheaded in the castle.

Robb and Andy review their findings with Richard Marsh. The debunking meets with agreement. Richard says that battery drain is a common complaint of tourists. He concurs that one of the sounds, in the chapel, could be "Christ", and another could be "Toby." Donna's research turned up that a well-liked castle dog was named Toby — something Richard didn't know. The name "James" is agreed to, as well, and confirms the connection to the dead James II.

While there was paranormal activity, the international ghost hunters could not assign the word "haunted" to the castle. Richard is satisfied with GHI's efforts, but the team is a little disappointed the notorious castle did not live up to its billing.

For their second assignment, the team drives north into Scotland and visits Mary King's Close. In the local parlance, a "close" is an alleyway, and this particular one leads to an underground portion of Edinburgh that had been sealed over in 1743, after people died from the Black Plague. The staff historian, Roger Beale, walks the team through the area and provides background.

That night, Andy and Robb visit the Laigh House. Robb poses for a picture in one apparition's favorite corner, hoping to capture evidence.

In Chesney House, Donna and Sylvia freak out when a roll of foam rubber falls over in the shadows.

In Annie's Room — where a young girl was left to die, and which is now a place where people leave behind coins and stuffed dolls as mementos — Brian tells Annie's spirit they are taking some of the toys to be burned. An incredulous Brian follows along, hoping the provocative approach elicits a response.

In the storage shed, Donna and Sylvia think they hear a horse-and-buggy, but it comes so quickly that they can't turn on the recorder quickly enough.

As the entire team sifts through the evidence, Robb identifies that what the women heard was actually Barry and Brian taking the toys out of Annie's room.

Although taking the toys provoked a 10-degree temperature drop in the room, the team tells Roger that it is inconclusive. In fact, the only real evidence they come up with is the picture of a shadowy shape outside the Laigh House, one that cannot be explained. Again, there is paranormal activity, but not enough to declare Mary King's Close a haunted site.
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