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Hamlet's Castle
Season 2 - Episode 220
Hamlet's Castle
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The team heads to Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, Denmark - the setting that Shakespeare chose for Hamlet. Their client, Shane, gives them a tour that includes a massive ballroom, Queen Sophie's room, and a dungeon that has a reputation for bizarre noises and draining camera batteries.

In the ballroom, Kris and Barry hear the noises for which the castle is infamous, and they see a tall, inhuman shape move quickly past them, while Britt and Joe, investigating the royal living quarters, get bad feelings and a sound of something moving right behind them. Paul and Susan set up a multi-meter in the dungeon to test the theories of battery drain, then investigate the rest of the space, when Susan sees a gray mass, something lighter than the darkness around them, and Susan hears heavy breathing right next to her.

Barry and Kris, in Queen Sophie's room, see shadow play and hear noises. Later, when Susan and Paul investigate that area, they see the same activity. Britt and Joe, meanwhile, follow the sound of rocks being thrown in the dungeon - they are being led further and further. Not long after that, Kris and Barry notice some strange light activity where the battery drain experiment is set up in the basement. Joe and Britt have also had some strange light experiments in the chapel, and see one of the chandeliers shaking. To cap off the night, Barry takes the whole team to the ballroom, where they test the Singapore theory, a technique where period music is played in an attempt draw spirits out.

In analysis, the team finds video confirmation of the strange light play in the battery drain experiment in the dungeon. They also capture footage of the flashlight moving on its own as the temperature and EMF readers spike. They present this, as well as a striking audio clip of Britt saying "OK," and a spirit responding "OK" almost immediately, and present this to Shane. Shane tells them that the instant response is a fairly common thing in the dungeon - you practically think your question, and get a response. With the solid visual and audio evidence, Barry is able to confirm to Shane that Kronborg is, indeed haunted, and everyone is enlivened by this verdict.
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