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Shadows in the Dark: Scotland
Season 2 - Episode 225
Shadows in the Dark: Scotland
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The destination this week is Scotland, starting at Usher Hall in Edinburgh. Barry and Kris start in the auditorium, where something starts knocking, then gives a loud BANG! They find that a malfunctioning speaker is to blame. They try the Singapore Theory - playing music familiar to the spirits - and each think they hear footsteps coming from behind the other.

Scott and Joe examine the backstage area and are quick to find high EMFs radiating from utility boxes, a possible explanation for the claims there. To be safe, they set up an EVP session. They speak to the spirit of a girl and offer to play hide-and-go-seek, resulting in spikes in their EMF detectors. Is the girl trying to play tag?

Paul and Susan double check the auditorium and begin an EMF session, and soon they both see strange shapes looming. Paul feels something touching him and hears moans. Both he and Susan feel chilled, and Susan sees someone sitting in the back row of the theater just before she begins to feel sick and feel the floor vibrating.

In analysis, Joe catches a gasp from when Barry and Kris were in the auditorium. And Susan catches another one from her EVP session with Paul: A very clear "Yes." Barry and Kris, in the reveal, deliver the positive results, as well as the rational explanation for the apparition seen in the entrance area: A double reflection.

And it's on to the next Scottish location, Inveraray Jail. All manner of prisoner were housed there, including children as young as seven. Kris and Barry begin in the Old Prison. They hear a shuffle and head upstairs. Seeing no one, they decide to set up an EVP session. They both think they hear a voice after Barry calls, "Let us hear your name!"

Kris and Barry continue in the courtroom, where they try to explain why people may be hearing footsteps. Barry walks in the room below, and Kris reports that it sounds like the footsteps are coming from above her or from the walls!

Paul and Susan are in the new prison where children are reported to speak to a "funny man," whom adults can't see. They set up an EVP session, and Paul hears a female voice, then a thump. He asks the presence why, if they're talking to a girl, reports are of a tall man. They both feel a cold spot, which pulls Susan deeper into the cell to find the spot that makes a thumping noise.

In analysis, Paul catches a video clip of a trick of light that could account for reports of some of the shadows in the corridor. And Joe hears an audio clip of what sounds like, "Get out!" In the reveal, Kris and Barry share these findings, as well as the results of the footstep experiment, with the client. They wrap it up with a catch from their EVP session: A voice, in response to Barry's demand for a name, saying, "Rodney." This leads them to conclude that while strange things are afoot, the building cannot be deemed haunted.

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